Zoë Glas

Senior UX Researcher | Lyft

Most likely to bake bread in the middle of a research meeting
zoe glas headshot - woman with long curly dark hair in white shirt against blurred leaves in background

In a world without yes and no answers, Zoë gathers and triangulates qualitative and quantitative data to make great products even better. 

Zoë is a lead UX Researcher on rider-facing products at Lyft, where she’s worked on intense research projects that have shaped Lyft’s first-ever 3-year vision. She was part of the core team of 4 who launched Lyft’s RAPID program (now called LUX-AP) which gives folks from non-traditional backgrounds paid training to become UXers. Initially, the program was only for UXR; in 2022, they expanded to UXR, Design, Content Design and Design PM!

In the past two years alone, over 80 people have reached out to Zoë to tell her that she played a key role in helping them secure their first job in UX. 

Zoë’s own UX career began with conducting research at YouTube. Prior to that, she worked in wildlife conservation, where she focused on better understanding the relationships between personal factors like religion, culture, and politics on conservation behavior.

Outside of work, Zoë cycles five times a week and is training for endurance gravel races. She’s passionate about her Jewish community. She also loves baking, especially anything sweet, although she has a love-hate relationship with sourdough. Most recently, she’s gotten into fly tying for fly fishing, but she doesn’t yet know how to fish.

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Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well by Sheila Heen and Doug Stone