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How to Scale Yourself While Avoiding Burnout — YouX 2023 Breakout Session Recap with Auzita Irani

How to Scale Yourself While Avoiding Burnout — YouX 2023 Breakout Session Recap with Auzita Irani

Feeling stretched thin? Learn how to scale your impact as a UX researcher while preventing burnout in this YouX 2023 breakout session recap.

In 2023, product teams and UX researchers are being asked to do more with less—but higher expectations for impact with fewer resources can lead you down the path to burnout. 

In this breakout session from YouX 2023—User Interviews's inaugural event focused on self-care for researchersSprig’s Head of Research, Auzita Irani, presents a simple framework to help you prioritize research projects that actually make an impact. 

You’ll learn 5 key questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not the projects you’re focusing your limited time, energy, and resources on are worth it. 

Watch Auzita’s recap and view the session slides below. 

🎥 Watch the session recap

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📌 About the speaker: Auzita Irani

Auzita is the Head of Research at Sprig, where she is shaping product direction through a deep understanding of people and process. She is passionate about giving product teams the ability to do the same. 

She is a Georgia Tech HCI alum and prior to Sprig, worked as a research leader at Facebook.

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