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How do I filter Hub participants in my panel?

written by
JP Allen
Last updated:
October 26, 2021

Here's how to apply a variety of filters to your Research Hub participant panel.

How do I access my Hub participants? 

Head to, or select "Participants", then "Hub Participants".

How do I search and filter my participants?

The sidebar on the lefthand side of the Hub Participants view lets you filter by useful stats like participants' contact info, activity history, and any custom details from your opt-in form or CSV uploads.

Currently, you can create filters combining the following criteria.


  • Create and tag participants with labels to keep your panel organized


  • Project history: show participants who did or didn't participate in specific projects
  • Last applied date
  • Last invited date
  • Last participated date
  • Incentives earned

Participant Info

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Date added
  • Unsubscribed from User Interviews emails

Custom fields

  • Numbers, dates, text fields—whatever you need to organize your panel.

To filter your panel, click the blue “+” button next to the filters you would like to use:

Choose an action from the dropdown menu, enter the required details, then hit “Apply filters”:

Use the checkboxes to include or exclude participants with blank values for the selected activity type. (For example, in the screenshot above, you could include participants whose last invited date is blank.)

How can I save and edit filters?

Apply as many of the field filtering options listed above as needed and click the “Save” button next to “Saved filters” at the top. To create a new saved filter, enter a new filter name, then click “Save” again:

You will now see this filter in the “Saved filters” dropdown and can use it again in the future.

To remove any filters you have currently applied, click "Clear filters" in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you apply additional filters on top of a save filter, but don't want to update the saved version, click the “Reset saved filter” button to the right of “Clear filters.”

Invite participants to projects

There are two ways to invite participants to a project from the Hub Participants screen.

First, to invite specific participants, check the boxes to the left of their email addresses and click "Invite to project."

Pick an existing project or select "Create New Project," then click "Invite."

Second, you can invite a random subset of participants who meet your filter criteria—for example, if you want to talk with 3 people who have never applied to your studies before, out of 7 total who meet those criteria.

Start by filtering your panel on any criteria you choose, then click "Invite to project."

Pick a project or "Create New Project." Under "Sample participant count," pick the number of participants you want to invite. The box will show you the maximum number of participants that fit the criteria you're currently viewing.

⚠️ Note: any participants who have already applied to the selected project won't receive an invite.

Can I delete or rename filters?

At this time, filters can be cleared but are not able to be deleted or renamed.

If a filter is based on one or more custom attributes, and you'd also like to delete those attributes, this can be accomplished under the Manage - Edit fields section. Custom attributes that are deleted here would result in the deletion of any corresponding filters. Please note this is only applicable if you'd like to remove a filter AND delete the custom data column(s) from your Hub site.

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