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How can I edit my screener survey?

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Courtney Webster
Last updated:
October 2, 2023

If you edit your screener, the saved changes will overwrite your past versions. Your most recent version will be live for all future participants to see and complete. Any past versions will be read-only.

To edit a screener survey, visit your project workspace. Under the Screener survey section, click "Edit". You'll be taken to a new page with our screener survey builder. It should look familiar—it's the same tool that you used when launching your project. Here, you can make and save your changes as you'd like.

Screener Building Basics

Adding, duplicating, and deleting questions

  • To add a question, click "Add new question" at the bottom of the page where you'd like to add the question.
  • To duplicate a question, click the copy button in the top right corner of the question.
  • To delete a question, click the trash can icon in the top right corner of the question (to the right of the copy button).

Bulk importing answer choices

If you often draft screener questions in other tools, it’s easy to bring them into UI. Copy and paste answer choices directly into the builder using command or control + v. UI will automatically create a new row for each answer choice added.

Adding, duplicating, and deleting pages

To add a page to your screener, click "Add new page" at the bottom of any page.

After you've created at least one new page, a trash can icon will appear in the top right corner of each page, allowing you to delete pages until you have one left. Keep in mind, deleting a page also deletes all questions inside the page. Each page is displayed as its own card, which can be collapsed or expanded as needed.

If you’d like to duplicate a page, you can do so using the duplicate icon on the top right corner of the page.

Moving questions

To move a question, click and drag the "grip" icon (it looks like a group of 6 small dots) in the top left corner of the question box. You'll be able to drag the question to any position you'd like, including new pages.

Changing question format

To change your question format (e.g. Pick One vs. Pick Any), click into the question. Then, click the name of the question type. A drop-down will appear and you can then select what kind of question you want.

Add "Other" option

To add an “Other” option to Pick One and Pick Any questions, click the Add “Other” option checkbox at the bottom of the page. This will give participants the option to select “Other” and enter text into a response field.

Changing response criteria

If you’d like to change the criteria behind a specific response (accept, reject, etc), click on the question. You'll see the criteria listed to the right of each response. Simply chose the criteria you'd like to apply to the response.

  • You can set Pick One questions to Accept or Reject applicants based on which options they select.
  • You can set Pick Any responses as May Select, Must Select, or Reject.

Screener Versions

Below are a few important notes to keep in mind while editing your screeners:

  • Every time you edit a screener and save your changes, a new version will be created. We recommend making most of your edits at once to reduce the number of versions. 
  • To view previous versions of the screener, go to the “Screener Survey” tab and click on the screener version. You'll have read-only access to past screeners.
  • You will not be able to reinstate an older screener version without manually making all changes again.
  • In the “Participants” section, you can view which screener version each participant completed.

Any questions? Email our Project Coordinator team to assist.

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