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How can I invite qualified candidates from past studies to future studies?

Inviting qualified, approved, and completed participants to future sessions.

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January 4, 2021

Yes, you can—with our Recruit Participants tool. Only available to researchers on a subscription billing model, this tool will allow you to source candidates who previously applied to one of your past studies. It can not be used on private Research Hub studies.

With this tool, you and any researchers on your team will have access to all of your past participants sourced from the User Interviews audience. Filter participants by study and qualification status as you select who you want to invite to your active study. This tool will help speed up your research process – you already know who is a fit – and allows you to easily run follow-up sessions with certain participants as needed.

Here's a quick video outlining how you can use this tool to recruit participants faster:

How the "Recruit Participants Tool" works

When logged into your account, access this tool under "Participants" in your navigation menu.

recruit participants in nav

Once you are viewing the page, there are two main actions you can take.

Step #1: Select the project and participant status(es)

In the side left panel, click into the search field to browse a list of your team's projects or type to search by project name.

After you select a project, you'll see a new set of options to further refine your search results. Now you can specify which participant statuses you'd like to include from that project. For example – maybe on the "Dog Lovers" project you only want to see participants in the "Approved" status. Simply uncheck the "Qualified" and "Completed" statuses and you'll be left only with the approved participants from that project. Easy!

Pro Tipthe "Approved" status is a useful shortcut! It implies that the participants are a good for for your needs... you did approve them after all! 😉 But it also means that were unable to schedule themselves for that project and they have not yet run a session with you. If you want the fastest way to find relevant participants, this might be it!

You can filter on multiple projects at a time. Just jump back up to the search box and find another project to include. The search results will be "OR." Meaning it will return participants from "Dog Lovers" OR the second project you select.

To remove a project rom the search, simply click the ✖️ in the top right corner.

Step #2: Invite participants to a project

This is probably the real reason you're here! After finding the appropriate participants, click the checkbox besides their name to select them. You can do this participant by participant or select everyone on the page all at once.

After everyone is selected, just click the "Invite to project" button in the bottom right. Select the project and you're done! We will notify the participants automatically for you.

Participant invite emails

And here is an example of the template we send to participants. Details (like title, length, incentive, etc) will be matched to your project. However, copy cannot be customized further at the moment.

Note – you can only invite participants to projects that already exist. If being able to invite participants to new projects would be useful for you, please let us know!

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