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How do I approve candidates?

written by
Melanie Albert
Last updated:
March 4, 2019

Approving candidates is the most important step in our recruitment process. Approvals trigger our invitations, allowing participants to confirm a time or opt into the study.

The #1 reason a project does not get a full recruit is due to a researcher not approving (or not approving enough) candidates.

We're committed to bringing you qualified candidates for your consideration. However, we will never approve or invite candidates into your study on your behalf unless you explicit request auto-approval (which you can just ask for). Therefore, we need you to review and approve participants in a timely manner to help us move the recruit forward.

Reviewing & Approving Candidates

  • Log into your researcher account.
  • Visit your project dashboard.
  • Go to the participants tab of your dashboard. You'll see a list of all qualified participants.
  • To review a participant, click their name. A pop-up module will show the participant's profile, including their characteristics and screener responses.
  • If you like what you see, click the green "Approve & invite" button. This will trigger an invitation email which includes a booking link. They'll be able to review upcoming dates/times or simply opt in.
  • If a participant is not a good fit for your study, click the orange "Not a fit" button to move them out of your qualified list. Participants will not be notified if they have been moved aside.

Important Notes: 

As soon as you approve someone, they will be able to confirm themselves. Canceling a confirmed participant will incur a fee made up of the recruit fee and 25% of the incentive (sent to the participant as a consolation).

If you are managing specific quotas, be sure to go slow as to not overbook on persona.

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Approving does not confirm a participant's spot. Once approved, participants need to take the final step to confirm their spot via our booking link. Once confirmed, the schedule will be updated and you'll be sent a notification email.
  • You must approve 2x as many participants as you'd like booked. This allows us to account for anyone who cannot make it. It also provides us with backups if someone needs to be replaced.
  • Statuses can be moved from Approve & invite to Not A Fit (or vice versa). If you mark some as "Not A Fit" someone who was approved, they will be blocked from confirming their spot.

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