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How do I approve candidates?

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June 10, 2021

Approving candidates is the most important step in our recruitment process—after we find you qualified candidates, of course. The #1 reason we are unable to schedule all requested sessions for a project is lack of approvals. In fact, we ask that you approve 1.5-2x as many people as you have requested to have booked. This helps us account for drop-outs, availability, or other scheduling issues that may come up.

When you approve a candidate, they receive an email invitation to book themselves for the study. They need to opt-in before being considered confirmed for your study.

If you're not ready to approve for whatever reason, tell us why!

How to approve qualified candidates

Candidates who apply to your project will appear in real time in the "Participants" section of your project's workspace (accessible in the lefthand menu).

Scroll through the participants list, or apply filters to see only participants who have passed your screener (Qualified) or who haven't (Unqualified). Click on any participant to view their profile.

If you decide to invite a candidate into your study, click "Approve & invite" in the top right corner of the profile view. If you choose not to invite the candidate, click "Pass" or do nothing.

Here is an example participant profile, including the "Approve & invite" and "Pass" buttons:

When you click "Approve & invite," User Interviews will send an email inviting the participant to schedule a session.

Managing quotas

We do not currently have a system to help you manage specific quotas; any approved candidates can sign up for any open session. If you want to run a study with quotas, you can create multiple projects, use the Double Screening add-on, or get in touch with us at

Pro tips

  • Approving does not confirm a participant's spot. Once approved, participants need to take the final step to confirm their spot via our booking link. Once confirmed, the schedule will be updated and you'll receive a notification email.
  • Please approve 2x as many participants as you'd like booked. This allows us to account for anyone who cannot make it. It also provides us with backups in case someone needs to be replaced.
  • Statuses can be moved from Approve & invite to Pass (or vice versa). If you mark as "Pass" someone who was approved, they will be blocked from confirming their spot.
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