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What is Double Screening?

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June 10, 2021

Double Screening is an available add-on for Recruit Pay As You Go and paid subscriptions that gives you access to participant contact information, the ability to message participants before they're confirmed, and allows you to manually schedule participants in a mutually agreed upon time slot.

Double Screening can be used to: 

  • Pre-screen candidates before approving and inviting them into the study.
  • Require a task to be submitted to be considered for your study (i.e. submit pictures or videos).
  • Check emails or phone numbers against an existing user database.
  • Manually book participants to help ensure quota and balance requirements are met.

How can I add Double Screening to my subscription?

If you have a paid subscription, contact our sales team to add this feature on to your subscription. If you do not have a paid subscription, you can add this feature when building your project.

How do I include Double Screening when building my project?

When building your next project you'll be able to add Double Screening on the last step—"Scheduling". In the "Scheduling details" section, select "Manual" review, then "Use Double Screening". Please note that "Manual" review is required to use Double Screening.

How can I add Double Screening to a launched project?

If you don't select Double Screening during your project setup, email projects@userinterviews.com. We'll turn this feature on for you. Keep in mind that Double Screening can only be applied to a full project, not individual participants, even if participants are already confirmed.

What do I get with Double Screening?

View participant contact information

You will see participant emails and phone numbers in any status within your participant list. You can then use that information to call or email participants.

Please note that adding this information to any lists where you'll be contacting participants for other purposes (other study opportunities, sales or marketing mailing lists, etc) is in violation of our terms.

Message all participants individually or in bulk

You can also message participants using the tool. You can:

  • Message participants from the "Messages".
  • Access individual conversations from the participant's profile.
  • Send bulk messages to all participants who match certain filters using our "Actions" button located in the "Participants" section.
Message a qualified participant

Manually schedule a participant for your study

Let's say you're on the phone or in an email conversation with a participant. The two of you agree on a time (make sure you're talking about the same timezone!)

Click on a participant's name and go to their profile. You'll see a link stating “Schedule for specific time slots” (see below). Click this link to open schedule times.

You'll be directed to a new page that lists your schedule availability. Select the date/time that you agreed. You'll then be redirected back to your project.

Use of contact information

We take data protection very seriously. All information is to be used to book on platform only. Any discovery of misuse of participant contact information is in violation of our terms, and will result in removal from our platform.

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