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Can you walk me through the recruitment process?

What to expect when you recruit with User Interviews.

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September 30, 2020

Here are the major steps you can expect during your User Interviews recruiting experience.

YOU: Launch your project

Once you're ready for us to start recruiting for your study, design your project in our platform. We'll ask all the important questions regarding your overview, demographics, and screener. Most importantly, you'll set your requested participant number. This tells us how many people you want booked.

New to research? Check out our UX Research Field Guide.

US: Quick review

Once your project launches, it will be assigned to your dedicated project coordinator. If we have suggestions (both major and minor) that would help create a successful experience, we'll email you. Please keep an eye out and read any messages from That's a human trying to get in touch. If there are no issues, you can expect that we've started recruiting.

US: Find qualified candidates

Typically, we can find you at least one qualified candidates within 24 hours. You'll get daily notifications about our progress. We recommend that you visit  your project workspace daily to check for updates, alerts, and messages.

YOU: Approve candidates

We can find you candidates, but you need to approve who you like. Approved candidates will be emailed an invitation to opt into your study. This step is essential as it is required to schedule participants.

To account for changing availability of our participants, please approve between 1.5-2x as many candidates as you want booked. Don't worry—we'll stop recruiting once we hit your requested participants goal.

YOU: Manage your calendar

As participants book themselves, you'll be alerted by email. Keep an eye on your calendar as it begins to fill up. The morning of any sessions, you'll receive an overview of all of your bookings for the day.

YOU: Talk with your users

It's likely that questions will come up, from you or participants. They can be anything from help on an assignment, questions about parking, or even participants lost in the lobby.

Keep a close eye on your Messages alerts, especially the day of the study. We will push any questions about the study your way, and expect you to provide assistance when needed. You won't want to miss anything time-sensitive!

YOU: Record participation

To keep track of participant activity, you will be required to mark each participant as "Completed" or "Did Not Show". You will not be charged for anyone marked "Did Not Show" and they will be flagged in our system. We'll use the final attendance to tally up your bill.

YOU / US: Distribute incentives

If you've asked us to distribute incentives for your project, we'll ship our gift immediately after you mark a participant as "Completed". If you will be issuing incentives, please be sure to do so within 10 business days of each session.

YOU: Provide feedback

Last, but not least, we want your feedback on each participant in your study. After you mark someone "Completed", you'll be asked to rate them. Be honest! We are interested in hearing your thoughts, but also strive to keep a database of awesome candidates. Your insights will help us do just that.

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