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How does the recruitment process work?

written by
Melanie Albert
Last updated:
February 5, 2019

We want to make recruitment a cinch, but there are some steps that require your attention to keep things moving. Below are the major components involved in recruiting for a project on our platform.

Launch a Project

In order to begin recruiting for you, we'll need to have an active project for us to work on. Log in to your existing account or create a new one. Once you're logged in, click the "Start Recruiting" button in the top righthand corner of your menu. Follow the setup prompts to create your project. This process is designed to help you actualize your ideas and provide us with the information we'll need.

New to research? Check our our UX Research Field Guide for tips, tricks, and best practices to ensure a successful recruit.

QA Checks

Once your project has been launched, it will be assigned to your dedicated project coordinator. If there are any issues or potential roadblocks that need to be sorted out, you'll receive an email on the day of your launch or morning after. Some QA issues require swift attention or risk holding up the recruitment process. Be sure to respond quickly and to each question to prevent delays.

If there are no issues, you can expect to move to the next step without an email from your project coordinator.

Review Qualified Candidates

On average, we tend to get our first qualified participant within 13 hours of launch. You'll be sent an email alert when we capture your first qualified participant. Click the link in this email to access your project dashboard or visit your account page.

Once your on your project dashboard, click on a participant's name to review their characteristics and screener responses. A pop-up will appear, providing all of their information. Give each person a good review, before you...

Approve Candidates

The researcher is responsible for approving candidates, which in turn invites them to sign up for the study. No participants will receive an invitation to join or sign up on the schedule unless they have been approved.

Here's how to approve and invite candidates to your study:

  • Log into your account and access your active project.
  • Visit the Participants tab of your dashboard. 
  • Click on the name of any qualified participant. You'll be able to review their characteristics and screener responses in one place.
  • If you are seeking professionals, a best practice would be to check their LinkedIn or verification information, to be safe.
  • If you like someone and want to invite them to join your study, click the green "Approve & Invite" button. 
  • If you find a participant does not fit your criteria, click the orange "Not a fit" button.

Keep in mind that approving a candidates does not confirm them for your study. They will need to opt in or select a time on your calendar before you can consider them booked.

Pro-tip: We recommend that you approve up to 2x as many candidates (if possible). This allows us to account for availability and provides us with backups in case we need a replacement. Once we have confirmed the number of recruits you have requested, the recruit will stop.

Review Confirmed Participants

There is a bit of a waiting period between approvals and confirmations. We send our approval emails via email, so be sure to factor in some time for candidates to gauge interest, review times, select what works best for them.

Each time an approved participant confirms their spot in your study, you'll be alerted via email. Be sure to keep an eye on your calendar and schedule to get a sense of who you will be speaking with.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Questions may come up (on both side) with regards to the study. Use our messaging portal to reach out to participants as well as reply to their inquiries.

If you have additional information, links, or pre-tasks that need to be distributed, send them through our messaging system. This will provide your project coordinator with transparency, in case issues arise. Be sure to send any additional information or requests 48 hours prior to someone's session. 

Our system does not support attachments. If you need to send a document (e.g. NDA), we encourage you to use an online document-sharing provider (such as DocuSign) to keep things simple and easy.

Keep in mind that we, at User Interviews, will try to push confirmed participants back to this messenger when they have a question about a study. We will not answer any questions pertaining to your research. It is important for you to be alert and proactive in answering these messages as quickly as you can.

Pro-tip: You may notice that some messages revolve around directions or getting into a building. Have a colleague monitor your messages while you are interviewing to make sure you don't miss anything important / time-sensitive.

Manage Your Sessions & Issue Incentives

Use the schedule located in your project dashboard to keep track of interviews. You'll be required to provide a record of completions or attendance at the end of study. We use this final attendance to tally up your final bill.

If someone completes their session, mark them as "Completed". If you have asked us to manage incentives, this action will immediately trigger their payment.

If someone was a no-show or had to drop out due to technical difficulties, mark them as "Did Not Show". If you've asked us to manage incentives, we will not send any payment if this option is selected.

Provide Feedback

At the end of each completed session, you'll be asked to rate the participant. Be honest! We are interested in hearing your thoughts, but also strive to keep a database of awesome candidates. Your insights will help us do just that.

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