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How do I switch between manual and automatic participant review?

written by
Courtney Webster
Last updated:
January 20, 2023

Choose whether to automatically have User Interviews approve and invite 100% matches to your project's characteristics and screener, or opt to manually review and approve participants for more ownership over who can confirm a spot in your project.

Advantages of manual and automatic review

Manual review (on by default) gives you more control over which participants can participate in your project. You or an edit collaborator can review participants and choose to "Approve & invite" anyone you'd like to confirm a spot. This choice is recommended if you have quotas or balance needs, have short or long answer questions in your screener requiring review, intend to use Double Screening to further screen participants, or need confer with a teammate for approvals.

Automatic review lets you schedule participants faster, with fewer steps. Participants who are a 100% match to your screener and set characteristics will automatically be able to schedule themselves for your project; no need to review or manually approve and invite particular participants. Please note that you cannot prevent any 100% matches from being approved or take back an approval.

Where do I select manual or auto approval in the project builder?

On the "Scheduling" section of the project builder, choose between manual and automatic approval. Selecting manual review will allow you to add the Double Screening feature for additional review. Double Screening is not available for automatic review.

How do I switch the approval type on an active project?

If you change your mind about manual or automatic approval after you launch your project, you can always switch approval types. On the "Participant Review" section, select "Edit" in the "Session details" subsection. Please note that if your study was on auto approve, switching to manual approval will not prevent currently approved participants from signing up.

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