Yearbook Committee

The User Research Yearbook was created by Katryna Balboni, Lizzy Burnam, and Holly Holden—two scrappy content marketers and one very talented designer—with the support of Erin May, JP Allen, Betsy Paige, and Roberta Dombrowski—the latter a UX research leader who works with the User Interviews Marketing team so much she’s been dubbed an ‘honorary marketer.’

User Research is a dynamic community—made up learners, leaders, and teachers—with a bright future ahead. We, the #UIYearbookCommittee, are honored to connect you with the Class of 2022: dozens of UX professionals driving meaningful conversations in the industry this year.

an old school computer with an external keyboard and mouse

At User Interviews, we help teams discover and embrace user insights. We specialize in participant recruitment and management because you cannot do good research without good participants, no matter how groovy your other tools may be.

Want to get involved with the Yearbook Committee next year? Check out our About Us page to learn more about User Interviews or explore our current job openings to apply.

Spread some school spirit with the #UIYearbookCommittee:
Spread some school spirit with the #UIYearbookCommittee: