Colette Kolenda

UX Research Lead | Cash App

Mostly likely to ask the questions others aren't
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Colette (she/her) graduated from Duke University with a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience and a Certificate in Markets & Management Studies. Her schoolwork instilled in her a deep love for understanding human behavior, rigorous research, and experimental design.  

It was as a Behavioral Science Research Associate at Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight lab that Colette fell in love with using research to understand how people make decisions. She learned how to ask the questions others weren’t asking. This experience profoundly shaped her approach to designing clever studies that get to the truth of human behavior. 

Curious to apply her research skills to product and business questions, she transitioned from academia to conducting research at Spotify, most recently as Senior Manager of Research, Data, Strategy & Ops. 

Over her 6 years at the company, Colette was responsible for defining and enabling Spotify’s Advertising Business Unit goals, OKRs, and strategies. Her multi-disciplinary team triangulated User Research, Data Science, and Behavioral Science to uncover new opportunities and enable product and business executives to make data-driven decisions in service of Spotify Free listeners and advertisers. 

Colette recently joined CashApp, where she leads the research team for financial services. 

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