Hana Nagel

Manager, Service Design | Deloitte

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hana nagel headshot - woman with buzzcut and clear glasses in a black shirt against gray background

Hana (she/her) is a systems-centered designer and researcher specializing in agile enterprise, usability testing methodologies and digital strategy, particularly for enterprise and government services.

She is passionate about helping teams reduce complexity, and has been at the forefront of Research Ops since 2018. Hana is Manager of Service Design at Deloitte, where she advocates for evidence-based design and is helping to transform the user experience through research, testing, and prototyping.

Hana previously brought her research-driven approach to solving business and design problems to her roles at ServiceNow, Element AI, and SAP. 

Hana currently lives in Montreal, surrounded by love and houseplants, striving to be the human Mr. Rogers taught her to be. Despite her mailing address, Hana—born in California and raised in Vancouver—remains a firm believer that the West Coast is the best coast.

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