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Help! A Quick Guide to Customer Success, Support, and Project Ops at User Interviews

Who’s who at User Interviews? Get in touch with the right folks and learn more about the support we offer with this intro.

Teamwork makes the dream work—and here at User Interviews, we work hard to make your user research dreams come true! We fill difficult recruits in niche industries quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and energy. 

As a Project Coordinator, I (Courtney) work closely with researchers to help fill their studies—but I don’t do it alone!

We have three support teams here at User Interviews: Customer Success Managers, Support Specialists, and Project Coordinators. These teams work together to help researchers every step of the way, from onboarding to recruitment to the close of your project—managing participant communication and project questions along the way. 

But who manages what, exactly? That’s a question we get a lot (like, a lot a lot). So let me explain…

🤔 Psst – Answers to many of the most common FAQs can be found in our researcher and participant support hubs.

The Customer Success team

Our Customer Success (CS) team is here to make your research more efficient and effective by providing onboarding, sharing best practices for using the platform, and staying connected to ensure you are getting the most of your subscription. 

They work closely with researchers for ongoing training and share product updates to set teams up for success. Internally, CS advocates for researchers by always working to find the best possible solution, and they’re a great point of contact for any account-related questions.

While this team works closely with our researchers, participant questions are best directed to our Support Specialists. 

Contact if you are a researcher with questions about:

  • Getting started with User Interviews
  • Your User Interviews researcher account
  • How to use the platform
  • Best practices for recruiting and managing participants

Keep reading if you’re a participant, or a researcher with questions about a specific project.

Support Specialists

Support Specialists work with our participants to answer any questions that might come up. They help participants with account-related questions, study applications, general feedback, and redeeming their incentives. Support is the main point of contact for participant inquiries.

This team works closely with our Project Coordinators to oversee the participant’s study experience, but they do not recruit participants for individual projects or make any changes to a research project. That’s where our project coordinators come in!

Contact if you are a participant with questions about:

  • Your User Interviews participant account
  • Applying for a study
  • Redeeming an incentive
  • A study you recently participated in

Keep reading if you’re a researcher with questions about recruiting and managing a particular project.

Project Coordinators

Last but certainly not least (in my very humble opinion), are Project Coordinators (PCs).

As a PC, I help manage projects from start to finish. Along with my teammates, I begin by running a feasibility check on projects, reviewing screeners for issues and recommendations, and acting as the main point of contact for all project questions and edits. 

One of the most important responsibilities of a User Interviews PC is finding you the participants you’re looking for. To do this, we notify a targeted group of our audience using different tools and levers to drive participation. Researchers can request our help with quota management, or with adjusting targeting characteristics after a project has launched.

While PCs do build relationships with your research team as we help fill studies, you’ll often see us loop in Customer Success to help address your subscription questions or forward your participant inquiry to our Support Specialist for better assistance. 

Contact if you are a researcher with questions about:

If you’re a participant or a researcher with a question about your User Interviews account, you may want to revisit the snapshots of our Customer Success and Support Specialist teams above. 

Still not sure who to talk to? Reach out!

We’re a lean team, and we work collaboratively to make sure you feel supported in your product knowledge, research projects, and participant management and can always point you toward the right folks!

To contact us directly:

Learn more:

Courtney Webster
Project Coordinator at User Interviews

As a PC, Courtney enjoys making connections and building relationships with researchers and participants. In her spare time, she can be found complaining about the AC (it's too high!) and browsing interior design blogs with her cat Auggie and her dog Cosmo.

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