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Can I cancel or reschedule a confirmed participant?

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June 14, 2022

We understand that schedules change; however, we aim to provide a smooth experience for both researchers and participants! That is why we follow a strict policy around cancellations to be considerate of our participants' time—and we keep the same strict policies to be considerate of your time as well!

Our panel's participants are required to notify you, the researcher, at least 24 hours in advance for any reschedules or cancelations to avoid disqualification from participating in future studies.

Our Cancelation Policy for Researchers.

If a researcher removes a confirmed participant, misses a scheduled session, or reschedules a participant and they are not able to make another time, this is considered a researcher cancelation and the researcher incurs a cancellation fee. We ask that you provide at least 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session. Please note: Our cancellation policy does not apply to your Hub audience.

Cancelation fees

If a researcher cancels a confirmed participant, misses a scheduled session, or asks a participant to reschedule (and they can't), a cancelation fee will be charged. The cancelation fee includes:

  • 25% of the original incentive which is sent to the participant,
  • our 3% processing fee on all compensation issued,
  • and the recruit fee, if you are on Pay as You Go.

Note: Regardless of if the study was set to "Researcher pays" or "UI pays" and regardless of the original incentive type, cancelation fees will be issued as a gift card equivalent to 25% of the dollar amount they would have received in compensation. The cancellation fee will be added to your invoice. Participants will receive the gift cards via email from within 15 business days of their session or study deadline.

How to cancel or reschedule confirmed participants.

Visit the "Confirmed sessions" section in your project workspace. Scroll down, as needed, until you find the session you need to reschedule.

If the session is in the future: Select "reschedule" or "remove."

If the session is in the past: Click on the ellipses to the right of “Completed." Select "Remove" or "Reschedule" from the list.

How to Cancel a Session

Select "Remove," then follow the prompts to indicate the responsible party.

Keep in mind: If the participant requested to be removed, you will not be charged the cancellation fee. Both the participants and the project coordinator managing your project are alerted when a participant is canceled. If a participant is removed by you and you say they asked for it, they will likely reach out to us if this is not the case. Our team reach out and will adjust, as needed, to properly account for the cancellation.

How to Reschedule:

Select "reschedule" and select from an existing time slot or allow the participant to select a new time. The participant will receive an email to confirm the newly proposed time or select a time from your listed availability.

Keep in mind: If you unschedule the participant and notify them to pick a new time, this will open the spot for any approved candidate to book. We recommend messaging this participant in the messaging tool and find a new time that works for both parties prior to rescheduling.

Confirm the new time, and then indicate why you are rescheduling.

You will only be charged the cancellation fee if you, the researcher, are no longer available and the participant is not available for the newly proposed time.

To create additional time slots, go to your availability and add a session. For an unmoderated task, you can also extend the deadline.

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