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How can I comment and collaborate with teammates on drafts?

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June 10, 2021

Want to build your recruitment project with a teammate before it goes live? Now, you can! We'll explain how you can share and comment on draft projects to make collaboration a cinch. This page covers:

  • Duplicating drafts
  • Sharing drafts
  • Commenting on drafts
  • Editing comments, deleting comments, and @mentioning teammates
  • What happens to comments when the project launches

These features are available on all projects, including those sourced by UI and Bring Your Own.

Duplicating drafts

Your can start a new project by copying a previous draft by you or one of your teammates. Just click the "Duplicate" icon to the right of the "Edit" button in your dashboard.

Sharing drafts

To share draft, click "Share" while you're building your project. A modal will appear providing you with a shareable link that you can send to your teammates. Click the duplicate icon to quickly copy the link. Everyone will be required to create an account within User Interviews if they want to view or comment on a draft.

Commenting on drafts

When you open the comment feature, a chat box will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Type your questions, answers, and comments into the chat box and hit enter to send it. To exit the commenting tool, click the "x" in the top-hand corner.

Editing comments, deleting comments, and @mentioning teammates

After you post a comment, you can edit it with the pencil icon or delete it with the trashcan icon.

Anyone who has previously commented on the section of the draft project where you add a comment on will receive an email with a link to your comment, so that they can come into User Interviews and reply. That email looks like this:

If you want to specifically alert someone who hasn't commented on the draft before, type the @ symbol in your comment. A list of your teammates will appear, and you can @mention the person or people you'd like to send an email alert about your comment.

What happens to comments when the project launches?

When a draft project launches (turning it into a live project), all comments will resolved automatically, so you can start your live project with a fresh slate. You and your teammates can comment on live projects as well.

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