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What tools do you recommend for conducting user research?

Tools for conducting user research

There are a lot of tools out there for doing user research, from finding participants to conducting sessions and other types of tests, to analyzing and sharing insights.

UI Integrations


We recommend using Zoom for online meetings. UI is integrated with Zoom, making creating and sharing links with participants a breeze. Sync Zoom with your UI account and automatically generate unique links that are automatically included in participant confirmation emails, no copy/pasting necessary. Set default or session moderators so your collaborators can divvy up sessions. Learn more about our integration in our blog post, and read our support guide here.

Document Signing

Coming soon: Document Signing, our newest integration, takes away the tediousness of sending and collecting signatures on your NDA's, release forms, and more. Add a document to a project and we make sure your document gets signed, no effort on your part needed.

User Research Tools Guide

If you want to get a sense of the entire landscape of research tools, we wrote a guide with context about how each tool can be used, categorized into neat subway chart (you'll see what we mean). Check it out here!

UX Flex Stack - 7 top tools

We partnered with 7 of our favorite tools from the list to create The UX Research Flex Stack, a set of exclusive offers on all the software you need to build the perfect stack for your team's needs—no heavy "enterprise" research platform required.

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