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How do I set up a custom domain for emails?

Sending emails from your custom domain.

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September 30, 2019

Domain authentication will allow you to send emails for your project from an email address that you own. This can be any email address at your domain (yours, a team member, a shared/forwarded inbox etc.). This feature is useful to improve message deliverability and provide a more seamless participant experience. Currently, we only offer this feature to Research Hub subscribers.

In order to send from a domain, you’ll need to have a TXT record added to the DNS for that domain (DKIM). DKIM is an encryption key that modern mail providers use to verify that our servers are authenticated to send emails on your behalf. Adding a DKIM record to the domain's DNS will not affect any other DNS records already in place, nor affect sending from the domain/address using a method other than User Interviews. 

Once we have verified that a DKIM record is in place you can set up sender profiles that send from your domain. Optionally, and for better deliverability, you may choose to set up an additional CNAME record for a custom return-path.

Authenticating a new domain

Follow all of these steps in order to authenticate your new domain.

  • Log in to User Interviews and navigate to “My team” -> “Domain settings” from the main navigation.
  • Select “Add a domain”.
  • In the dialog, enter the domain you would like to authenticate.
  • You domain will appear under “Authenticated domains” in a pending status. To retrieve the relevant DNS records you or your team will need to make, select “Authenticate for the domain in question.
  • The authenticate dialog contains details of the DNS records that will need to be made in order for us to authenticate sending on your behalf. Please note record “Type”, “Host name”, and “Required value” and enter this information in the respective fields at your DNS host.
  • Also, note that the CNAME is currently optional (though recommended) for us to authenticate your domain.
  • Continue to check your domain status until the records come back green.

Please note that DNS record changes do not take effect the instant you enter them and need to propagate through a network DNS servers. While we generally expect this propagation to take less than 20 minutes, it can take up to 48 hours in some cases. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re not sure if you’ve set the records up correctly.

If you run into any issues, email for assistance!

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