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How can I set up approved payment methods for my team?

written by
Emily Chen
Last updated:
September 15, 2023

There are three types of payment methods available to you when paying for projects: prepaid balance, credit cards, and invoice.

If you’re an admin, you can activate or deactivate specific payment methods to control which options are available to your team. This simplifies tracking and managing project expenses, and researchers can confidently launch projects knowing that they’ve selected the correct payment method set up for the team.

You can configure your team’s payment method in your Admin settings, under the “Team Billing” tab. Under Available payment methods, simply toggle on/off to configure which payment methods are shown to your researchers at the time of project launch.

Admin view: Configure team payment methods under the “Team Billing” tab. In this case, we’re only allowing the credit card option for the team.

Your default settings will reflect the current payment method(s) available to your team. You can deactivate other payment methods at any time.

Researcher view: When reviewing the details of their project before launch, credit card is the only payment option researchers are able to see and select.

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