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What policies should I be aware of as a participant?

We've put together a few policies to help make sure both the researcher and participant have a good experience at User Interviews. Follow these policies and we have no doubt you'll be successful at UI! 

Incentive policy

You will be paid the full amount listed above after User Interviews has received confirmation from the researcher that the study was successfully completed. This process can take up to 10 business days from when you completed your session. Keep in mind that researchers may be paying out participants in bulk, waiting for an attendance list from a colleague, checking your participation if it was an unmoderated task, etc.

Please do not contact our team until a full 10 business days have passed from your completed session—support is unable to reach out to the researcher prior to the 10 business day mark.

Cancellation policy

We request at least 24-hours notice for cancellations and reschedules to avoid penalty. To learn how to cancel your scheduled session, please check out our guide here.

Late arrival policy

All participants must be on time. The researcher conducting the study reserves the right to withhold payment or cancel your session if you are late. Multiple late arrivals may disqualify you from future participation.

No show policy

We take not showing up for your scheduled session very seriously, as it wastes the researcher's time. Not showing up to your scheduled session without giving the researcher adequate notice (see above) may disqualify you from future participation.

Completion policy

The researcher reserves the right to withhold or offer partial payment if you do not complete your participation in its entirety. Please follow the researcher's instructions and complete all parts required. If you have questions or need help accessing or completing your session, please click the messages button in your account or confirmation email to contact your researcher.

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