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How do I create a participant account?

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April 30, 2020

Creating a participant account with us is simple. Currently, we only accept participants located in the United States and Canada. Follow these instructions, and you'll be one step closer to participating in a user research study.

There are three key steps you will be required to complete before you can be considered for studies.

Build your profile

  1. Create your account
  2. Complete your profile fully. While demographics questions can be personal, they are required to allow us to match you with appropriate studies.
  3. Create a password you'll remember, and click "Create Account".

Verify your phone via text

  1. After creating your account, you'll be prompted to verify your cell phone and texting capabilities. Follow these steps closely to activate your account.
  2. We are unable to activate profiles that do not have an active cell phone associated with them. Here's why.

Apply for projects

You'll be emailed projects that we think you may be a fit for. You can also apply to projects apply to upcoming studies. A few key rules to keep in mind:

  • Honesty at all times. We monitor screener responses for answers that seem conflicting as well as collect feedback from researchers. Answers that seem fishy may be flagged from future participation.
  • Expect 1-2 studies a year, max. This is typical of market researcher and may vary from person to person. Unfortunately, our team is unable to help you get you into more studies. We suggest only applying for projects you may qualify for to see the best results.

Questions? Email us!

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