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How do I create a participant account?

Creating a participant account with us is simple. Follow these instructions, and you'll be one step closer to participating in a user research study.

Create a participant account

  1. Create a new account here
  2. Be sure to complete your profile fully. We will use your profile information to match you to appropriate studies.

Verify your phone number

Follow the prompts to verify your phone number so we can text you. This will be required to activate your account because our comprehensive alert system relies heavily on text messaging for updates and reminders.

Apply for paid studies

Check your email for invitations from us to apply to projects we think may be a fit or apply through our active studies browse page.

A few key things to keep in mind:

  • Honesty at all times. Conflicting responses and poor feedback will result in penalties on your account. Too many and your account may be blocked from participating in future studies.
  • Set your expectations. It's typical to be approved for 1-2 studies per year. To increase your odds, keep your profile updated at all times and only apply to studies you're a fit for.
  • We can't get you into that study—so don't ask. All recruitment decisions are up to the researcher and require application to be considered.

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