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welcome to the UX Research Field Guide


Hi, hello, thank you. We’re so—genuinely—glad you’re here. 

The UX Research Field Guide is a comprehensive how-to guide to user research. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be a total pro at doing user research—from planning it to conducting sessions to analyzing and reporting your findings. 

This is actually the second edition of the UX Research Field Guide. With the help of our own User Research team, we’ve refreshed, redesigned, and expanded on the original… and we’re proud to say we think this version is even better than the first!

We've relaunched with 4 fresh and refreshed modules—UX Research Fundamentals, Planning UX Research, Recruiting for UX Research, and UX Research Methodologies. We’ll be rolling out some pretty major updates to modules 5-9, including fresh templates and resources for doing UX research.

We’ll also be publishing brand new chapters regularly. Sign up, stay tuned, and happy researching!
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