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Introducing our "smart workflow" to the unmoderated research experience

(Not just) User Interviews: a smarter approach to unmoderated research

User Interviews’s unmoderated research workflow just got a major upgrade. Learn more about our flexible and adaptable “smart flow”

We know a few things for certain about unmoderated research. We know that the experience should be simple for participants, hands-off for researchers, and affordable for teams—especially those looking to scale their research. 

How do we know this? We asked, of course! 

Over the last few months, the User Interviews team has talked with many of you to understand how researchers are running various types of studies, from surveys to usability tests, mini assignments, and more. Different studies mean different workflows—and we wanted to ensure that our product was built to adapt to whatever your study requires.

Today, we launched a new, expanded suite of features for Research Hub—including a new, more adaptable workflow (“smart flow”). With it, we’re bringing everything you love about moderated research with User Interviews to the unmoderated research experience.

Read on to learn more about:

  • Smart, flexible workflows that adapt to your study
  • New and upcoming integrations with your favorite survey and usability testing tools
  • Survey recruitment pricing that scales with your needs

💡 Note: These updates apply to both Research Hub and Recruit workflows.

Flexible workflows that offer less monitoring for researchers, and a simplified experience for participants

Some unmoderated studies are simple. Others need manual reviews, careful screening, or require collecting signatures on  documents like NDAs. Our revamped unmoderated workflow is smart—simple when it needs to be, and flexible enough to support the most complex studies. 

💡 Learn how we think of modern unmoderated research in 2023 and beyond. 

Here are two common workflows and what they look like in our updated experience:

Simple flow: From invite to task

In scenarios where not much approval is needed (such as a short survey where you’re casting a wide net) getting participants from the invite directly to the task is easy.

Input requirements for your study in the Project Builder, and User Interviews will automatically populate all the necessary details into the invite email, so participants are informed and feel prepared to move straight to completing the task.

a sample research recruitment email invite

More complex flow: From invite, to screener, to manual approval, to NDA, to task

Need a few more customizations? No problem. 

Add your additional steps in the project builder, and we’ll present your participants with a clean workflow so they can easily self-serve and make their way through the study. 

Context is provided every step of the way, ensuring your participants understand the information they need to prepare, what’s expected of them, and what the next steps are.

More clarity for participants = less questions and guidance needed from researchers. It’s a win-win!

research study confirmation and automat instructions

More integrations for less set-up and monitoring

We’ve also built integrations to help you streamline research with the survey and usability testing tools you love to use. 

Our integrations speed up project set-up time and (more importantly), automate participant recruitment and tracking across the two tools, so you can set it and forget it. Simply connect your accounts, link out to your study, and User Interviews will handle the rest.

Read more about our recent SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Lookback integrations. And stay tuned for our upcoming integrations with Qualtrics and Sprig, which will expand our survey suite and make concept and usability testing a lot easier.

Want to connect User Interviews with one of your favorite research tools? Request an integration by talking to our team!

user interviews and typeform integration

Survey pricing that scales

And finally, new survey pricing is coming soon for teams on Recruit subscriptions!

We’re seriously excited to make survey recruitment more accessible and affordable, especially for teams running high-volume surveys.

🌟 Want early access to survey pricing? Connect with our sales team

Not yet on a Recruit plan? Learn more about User Interviews’ panel and start recruiting your target audience from our pool of over 1.7 million participants.

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