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How are incentives distributed to participants?

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JP Allen
Last updated:
September 24, 2021

We know that keeping track of payments can be a hassle. That's why we offer the ability to leave that to us. This article covers incentives for Recruit projects with User Interviews participants. You can find a similar outline of incentives with your own participants here.

If User Interviews is automatically distributing incentives...

Participants will have a choice between a digital Amazon or Reward Link gift card in one of our available currencies. Our team handles any support issues or questions regarding payment. Learn more about currency and reward options.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up automatic incentives. When creating your project, choose "UI will distribute incentives for us via Participants choice of digital gift cards" under "Incentive distribution." Then, simply type in the amount of your choice (for advice on choosing the right incentive, see our guide). If you need to change the incentive amount after a project is live, please email us at projects@userinterviews.com.

🌐 A note about international incentives. Participants will be able to redeem their selected gift card in the currency of their choice (USD, CAD, AUD, GBP or EUR) after you mark their sessions completed. You choose the USD amount you'd like to offer and we automatically convert it to the participant's chosen currency. We only support incentive disbursement in the supported recruitment countries (USA, CAN, AUS, UK, SA, FR, DE).

2. Mark a participant's session as "Completed". Once you do, the participant will receive an email similar to the one below, with a link to redeem their incentive. Participants will click "Redeem incentive" in the email, or from the "My studies" section of their participant account, to start the redemption process.

They'll select their local currency, and then choose between an digital Amazon or Reward Link gift card, confirming their selections.

Participants will then see their gift card code (for Amazon) or redemption link (for Reward Link) on our website. We'll also send them an email with that information for their records.

3. Automatic billing. The incentive amount will be added to your bill, along with a 3% fee to cover processing costs.

If a participant messages you with questions about incentives distributed by User Interviews, feel free to send them to this support page, which outlines the process from the participant's point of view.

If your team is distributing incentives...

We leave the responsibility of issuing incentives to you. Any questions from participants regarding payments will be directed to you.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up manual incentives. When creating your project, pick "My team will manually distribute incentives to participants" under "Incentive distribution." Type in the incentive amount and compensation type (for example, "check" or "prepaid card").

2. Collect participant information to send the incentive ahead of or during the session. Gather home addresses (if sending a check) or account usernames, like Venmo, PayPal, or another payment provider. We recommend doing this at this ahead of or during the session so you can offer prompt payment.

3. Distribute incentives. When you mark a participant session "Completed," no payment will be issued, and participants will not receive any automatic email. You can contact participants with instructions for redeeming incentives in the following ways:

  • Message them individually, either from the "Messages" section of the project workspace, or by searching for a name or email in the "Participants" section.
  • Bulk-message them from the "Participants" section—for example, by filtering on "Completed" status.

4. Remember—issue incentives within 10 business days of a session. Please be as prompt as possible with payment! Delayed payments are frustrating to participants who gave their time and effort, and makes participants distrusting of UI. Incentives that have not been issued within 10 business days will be distributed by us and added to your final bill.

If you're not offering an incentive on a Hub project

Your options are the same as if you were distributing incentives yourself, with one exception: participants will receive an automated "Thank you" message when you mark them "Completed." As with other automated emails, you can customize this message in the "Automated emails" section of the project workspace.

To skip setting up an incentive, choose "No incentive" under "Incentive distribution" when creating your project.

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