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How are incentives distributed to participants on public projects?

Automate incentives, or distribute them yourself.

written by
JP Allen
Last updated:
May 22, 2020

We know that keeping track of payments can be a hassle. That's why we offer the ability to leave that to us.

In this article

  • How incentives work if you ask User Interviews to distribute them.
  • How incentives work if you distribute them on your own.

This article covers incentives for public projects recruited from the User Interviews audience. You can find a similar outline of incentives for private projects with your own participants here.

If you ask User Interviews to distribute incentives...

we'll issue them in the form of an gift code in USD currency. Our team handles any support issues or questions regarding payment.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up automatic incentives. When creating your project, choose "Automatically distribute the incentives for me via Amazon gift cards" under "Incentive distribution". Then, simply type in the amount of your choice (for advice on choosing the right incentive, see our guide). If you need to change the incentive amount after a project is live, please email us at

2. Mark participants "Completed". When you mark a participant "Completed", they will receive an email similar to the one below, with a link to redeem their gift card.

When the participant clicks the "Redeem incentive" link (or a similar link in their User Interviews dashboard), they will be able to redeem their Amazon gift card on the User Interviews website.

Screen capture of a participant redeeming an Amazon gift card

3. Automatic billing. The incentive amount will be added to your bill. If your account is billed by credit card, a 3% processing fee will also be included. (There is no 3% processing fee for accounts billed by invoice.)

If a participant messages you with questions about incentives distributed by User Interviews, feel free to send them to this support page, which outlines the process from the participant's point of view.

If your team chooses to distribute incentives...

we leave the responsibility of issuing incentives to you. Any questions from participants regarding payments will be directed to you.

Here's how it works:

  1. When you mark a participant "Completed", no payment will be issued.
  2. You will be required to issue incentives within 10 business days of a participant's completed session. Incentives that have not been issued within 10 business days will be distributed by us and added to your final bill.
  3. If you require home addresses or account usernames (i.e., for Venmo, PayPal, or another payment provider), you will need to collect these from participants.
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