Research Ops (ReOps) Appreciation Week

May 6-10, 2024

Our weeklong celebration may have ended, but your investment in a stronger ReOps practice doesn’t have to.

Stream our enablement workshop and check out additional resources below.

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ft. Anna Reger, Senior ReOps Manager at Babbel

📆 Friday, May 10th | ⏰ 10:00am EST | 📺 Virtual

Anna Reger, Senior ReOps Manager at Babbel leads a workshop on how her team uses enablement to improve the research skills of her design and product teammates.

The workshop:

  1. Describes how research ops supports customer insights needs at Babbel
  2. Outlines a program to educate new-to-research colleagues on the basics
  3. Provides a free Airtable template to start your own enablement trainings

Get the recording

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Free ReOps Resources

We've organized these resources by the kinds of impact research operations teams have at their orgs. Here are templates, guides, and podcasts to help build and grow the core parts of your research operations practice.

Monday, May 6
🦸 Unmasking Ops
Explore what ReOps does and why many innovative companies are prioritizing and investing in them.
Tuesday, May 7
🪜 Scalers
ReOps grows the impact, influence, and reach of research. This makes them super insights scalers.
Wednesday, May 8
🤝 Democratizers
ReOps encourages more people to join the research process, equipping them with skills and tools.
Thursday, May 9
🌟 Up-Skillers
ReOps makes research stronger with templates, workflows, and guides to ensure the best work.
Friday, May 10
🗃️ Systematizers
ReOps organize and centralize processes, making sure research findings and insights are visible.
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ReOps are Research Heroes

We asked the user experience community to nominate a ReOps Hero and share the superpower they use to make an impact. Here is a sample of what we heard:

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ReOps isn't about the what so often as about the how. Operational processes can seem boring or scary or too complex, but my ReOps hero brings as sense of "We can do this, let's not fret!" ease that makes big things possible.
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My hero takes all the chaotic ways of how our team scraped by and created leaner, quicker, less-headache-inducing processes. Creating form has reduced the amount it takes to do all the "research adjacent" work from endless hours to reasonable minutes.
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My hero connects with people and stakeholders to understand their needs and imagine ways to act and operationalize solutions that will scale. They think holistically and imagine ways to connect disparate processes and reduce redundancy. All this enables more research and more customer empathy.
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With a keen intellect and a passion for inquiry, my hero approaches every project with a critical eye and an insatiable curiosity. Whether it's dissecting complex data sets or brainstorming creative solutions, they employ a systematic approach to unraveling problems and uncovering insights.
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My hero cares about building a strong UX culture and has even taken over responsibility for tracking our UX metrics which is going to be massively impactful for getting more user-centered product improvements made this year.
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My hero makes everything better: processes, our practice, and people. The care they bring to the small things like crafting playbooks, creating alignment across teams brings immense joy and is the glue that holds our multi-research discipline organization together.

"When a company commits to being human-centered, they realize  that can’t happen in a repeatable way without research operations. A commitment to ops usually results in scale."

Kelly Clausen
ReOps Lead at Rocket Companies