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Edit your account details

How to edit the contact, billing, availability, integrations, and other details on your researcher account.
Who is this article for?
🗣️ All researchers (both admins and users)
⭐ Available with all User Interviews plans

To edit your contact or personal details on your account, you'll first need to log in

Once you're in, open the primary navigation and click the three dots next to your name. Then, click account settings.

From there, you can make updates to the following:

  • Personal information: Edit your name, email, phone number, and password
  • Availability: Connect your calendar, add available time ranges, and choose your timezone
  • Billing: Add debit or credit cards for payments
  • Integrations: Connect to other apps, including Google, Zoom, Loop11, Sprig, and more

Be sure to save any changes!

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