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How can I pay by invoice, and when will I receive my invoice?

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October 27, 2021

How can I pay my invoice?

All invoices will include instructions to pay by ACH / wire transfer.

Pay with a check

Make your check out to User Interviews Inc. Our mailing address is DEPT CH 18051 Palatine, IL. 60055-8051.

Pay with ACH / wire transfer

Our banking information will be listed on your invoice. Our payment processor creates a unique account number for each payment. These details will be listed on and must be used to pay each invoice you receive.

Pay with a credit card

Follow these instructions to add or update the credit card associated with your account, as needed. Then, email with permission to charge the card on file. Be sure to tell us which one if you have multiple.

When will I receive my invoice?

Invoices for specific recruitment projects can be enabled on any accounts that has an active subscription with us. If you would like invoicing enabled on your account, email

A project invoice will be sent between 3-10 business days* following the final session on your calendar. We can only send an invoice (and close a project) if all session attendance has been recorded. We allow some time for you to come back and take care of this step.

Invoice are sent electronically to the email address associated with the project owner. You'll notice that it includes only a small amount of information, the important stuff. Click the link that says "Download PDF" to view all details. All invoices and receipts can also be downloaded from the Billing section of a project workspace.

*Sessions that have not been marked "Completed" or "Did Not Show" 10 business days after the session will be marked completed. Any recruitment fees or incentives issued based on this action will be added to your final bill.

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