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When will I receive my project invoice?

How to expect your invoice & tips for management.

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October 2, 2019

Invoices are sent 3 business days after the final possible session date on your calendar. All attendance must be recorded in order to close your project and request payment*. At that time, you will be sent an email containing an e-invoice with payment instructions. A link will be included, allowing you to download a PDF version of your invoice.The invoice number will be reference in the top right-hand corner.

Invoices are sent to the project owner. If you would like us to cc' additional parties, please email to let us know before your study ends.

*Please know that we allow researchers 10 business days to mark a participant as "Completed" or "Did Not Show". Any participants whose attendance has not been recorded 10 business days after their session will be marked "Completed". Any recruitment fees or incentives issued based on this action will be added to your final bill.

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