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How do I create Email Themes?

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Courtney Webster
Last updated:
April 1, 2022

Email Themes, available on all Hub subscriptions, help your team style emails. Applying custom HTML/CSS to your email theme helps your users recognize, trust, and respond to your Research Hub emails, ultimately resulting in a more effective recruit. 

You can also keep your tone and voice consistent with personalized messaging by creating email themes, and applying a sender profile so participants better recognize your emails. Both premium email features are included as part of paid Hub subscriptions!

How do I create or edit a theme?

Email Themes are created at a team level but activated on a project level. The selected theme will be consistent for any emails sent from UI to participants. Check out all emails we send in your project's “Automated emails” section of a live project.

Your teammates can apply themes you’ve created to their own projects, helping your team stay consistent with your branding, and saving time across the organization.

You can customize:

  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Button color and styling
  • Margins and spacing
  • Footer message
  • And more!

How do Email themes work?

1. Click the “My Team” dropdown in the top right corner when logged in. Select "Branding".

2. Under the "Email themes" section, select “+ New theme”.

3. Add or edit your HTML or CSS.

4. Select “Save changes”.

How do I test a theme?

When editing a theme, the preview email will update in real-time with your stylings. You can send a test from your team's branding settings, or from the branding section of a live project. You can also send yourself a test email to preview your email theme within various email clients and devices.

How do I add a theme to a project?

Adding an email theme to a live project

1. Go to the "Branding" section of your live project.

2. Under "Email themes" you’ll see all of your team’s available themes. Select the theme you want.

3. The active theme will show as “Active”.

Applying an email theme in the project builder

1. As you’re building your project, navigate to "Invitation emails", then scroll to the "Project-wide email settings" section.

2. In the "Email theme" subsection, select a theme from the dropdown.

3. Hit save.


Are email themes supported on Outlook?

While email themes are supported in Outlook, there are a few limitations. At this time, Outlook does not support the following CSS in Email Themes.

  • ax-width or height
  • border-radius
  • media queries 
  • background 
  • flex 
  • rem 

How do I duplicate or delete a theme?

Click the three dots next to "Send test" to duplicate or delete a theme. You can edit a project after it’s been duplicated. If you delete a theme, current projects will keep that theme unless the theme is removed on the project level. If you accidentally delete a theme, please email projects@userinterviews.com for assistance.

What logo image types do you support?

We support both PNG and JPEG images. At this time, we do not support SVG images. If you try to upload an unsupported image, it will most likely not appear in the email.

Does my logo have to be a publicly accessible image?

The logo you link to must be a publicly accessible image for the image to appear in the email.

What logo variable should I use if I want to put a logo I've uploaded into my email?

If you want to use a logo that was uploaded to UI, make sure you use the logo variable in quotations, for example, <img src="{{team_logo_url}}">.

For more information on how to customize automated emails, check out our Hub project emails support guide.

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