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Send participants documents such as NDAs or release forms

Automatically distribute documents (like NDAs or consent forms) to research participants, or send and collect signatures manually.

You may want participants to sign an NDA, release form, consent form, or other document before participating in your study. While our Document Signing feature helps to automate signature collection, we've shared some additional options below.

Option #1 (recommended): Use the Document Signing feature

The Document Signing feature automates collecting signatures from participants. No more chasing down NDA signatures or needless back and forth. Add a document when building your study, and approved participants sign your document as part of their scheduling flow. You get a signed copy emailed to you, and can always download signed documents from within the project. With Document Signing, all participants who are confirmed for your study have signed your document and are ready to be interviewed.

If NDA's are part of your workflow, we encourage you to check out our Document Signing support page and blog post to learn more. It's sure to save you a lot of time and hassle and help you check a research to-do off your list!

Option #2: Manually send and collect NDA documents before sessions begin

After participants are confirmed, you can manually send participants a document to sign. For example:

  1. Create an online document with a shareable link and send it to participants using the Messages tool in your project. This will keep your name and company anonymous.
  2. Email a link or PDF of your NDA to participants.

Make sure to include instructions on how to sign and return the document, and expectations of how far ahead of the session you need the document. Keep in mind that you'll need to keep up with who signed the document, and remind participants who didn't sign the document.

Note: If a participant does not sign the document and you choose to cancel their session, you will be liable for any cancelation fees.

Option #3: Distribute and collect NDAs at the beginning of the session

If you can wait until the day of your study, reserve the first few minutes of a sessions so participants can sign the document. To do this, we recommend adding 5-10 minutes to the length of your session when building your project to allow for the document signature step at the start of the session.


How do I send a document that doesn't require a signature?

If you need to send or receive a document that does not require a signature, you may consider using Dropbox File Request to prompt participants to send you a document. This tool allows you to create a folder to which people can upload files. 

Can I attach an attachment to the screener, confirmation email, or from the messages tool?

We do not support document attachments at this time. However, you can include a link to the document and ask the participant to copy/paste the link into their browser.

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