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How do I flag potential participants before I approve them?

written by
Courtney Webster
Last updated:
August 16, 2022

When recruiting for a project, reviewing applicants can seem like an overwhelming task. To help simplify this process, project owners and collaborators with edit access can rate potential participants while reviewing. Marking participants "Poor / Potential / Best Fit” allows you to see at a glance which participants have been reviewed, which ones haven’t, and which participants to invite to your study

Rating Participants

As soon as you launch a project, we start notifying participants who match your criteria to help bring in candidates for your study. To see qualified participants apply in real time, click "Participants" in your project workspace.

The second column in the Participants table shows each participant's rating.

To add or update this flag, click a participant to view their profile and use the drop-down on the left hand side to choose the appropriate rating.

These ratings are hidden from participants and are a simple way for you—and teammates you've invited to your project—to keep track of participants before working with them. Adding a rating does not approve or reject a candidate. To do so, please use the “Not a fit” and “Approve & Invite” buttons. For more information on approving candidates to invite them to your study, please see this support page.  

Once a participant has completed a session with your team, you will also have the chance to provide feedback on their session.

Filtering by Participant Rating

In the Participants page of the project workspace, use the dropdown menus to filter participants by their rating.

Here, you can sort participants with “No rating / Best fit / Potential fit / Poor fit” to aid in your recruitment. Easy!

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