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How do I flag potential participants before I approve them?

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JP Allen
Last updated:
June 10, 2021

Summary: while recruiting for a project, you can mark potential participants "Poor / Potential / Best Fit." This allows you to see at a glance which participants you've reviewed, which ones you haven't yet, and who to invite next.

Click "Participants" followed by the person's name to add a rating in your project workspace.

This can make recruiting and approving participants smoother for you and your team. For instance, you can:

  • Mark participant profiles you've viewed
  • Shortlist preferred participants before you commit to inviting them
  • Flag "Potential Fits" in case your "Best Fit" participants aren't able to schedule themselves for sessions
  • Remind yourself which participants seemed most promising if you add more research sessions later

The project owner, as well as teammates with edit access to the project, can add or update these flags.

Flag participants by fit

As soon as you launch a project, we start queuing up participants who match your criteria and pass your screener. To see qualified participants in real time, click Participants in the project workspace.

The second column in the Participants table shows each participant's rating.

The Participants table, showing two unrated participants

Click a participant to view their profile,  including demographic details and screener answers. In addition to approving or rejecting a participant for this project, you can add a rating.

Rating dropdown in an individual participant profile.

Participants can't see these ratings, and adding a rating does not reject, approve, notify, or otherwise affect participants. (You'll also have the chance to give feedback after participants complete your projects.) Ratings are a simple way for you—and teammates you've invited to your project—to keep track of participants before working with them.

Filter a project's participants list by rating

In the Participants page of the project workspace, use the dropdown menus to filter participants by flag and/or status. Easy!

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