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How do I invite my participants to sign up for a Research Hub project?

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March 9, 2022

Choose your own audience! Your Hub population is your own panel--your own audience of users-that you can to upload, organize, filter, and launch projects to. Research Hub allows you to invite your own panel of participants into your research projects. You can invite participants as the first step to building the project, while you are building the project, or after you launched the project.

Want to re-invite a participant who didn't apply the first time? Check out our re-inviting participants support guide.

Option #1: Before you launch

If you already have your Hub populated, then your first step in creating a new research project can be selecting participants directly from your panel. Check out this article if you need to upload your audience into the Hub via CSV.

Go to Participants, then Hub Participants to view your own panel.

From your Hub panel, filter for the participants you would like to invite. Check out these resources to learn how to filter your panel and how to segment your panel with labels. Then select all, and click "invite participants to project."

You will then be asked which project you want invite these participants to. If you are just starting your project build, select "create new project." You will then be taken to the project builder.

Note, you can also invite participants into existing projects straight from your panel. See Option #3.

Option #2: While you build

If you want to do two things at once, then create your project & upload your own users into the project via CSV. These users will be added to your Hub along with any custom data contained in the csv. Upload your CSV file in the "Invitation email" section of the project builder. *Your Hub invite rules will still apply.

Custom data in the CSV file will be mapped into the Hub.

After you launch, the participants will receive your invitation email which contains the sign up button embedded in the email. Note, the participant does not see the project description with this method. Watch this video to view the participant experience.

Option #3: After you launch

Did you know, you can create a research project for your own audience and launch it without inviting anyone! Moreover, you can add participants to an open project and keep the project ongoing.

From your project, go to the Invite Participants page to add (more) participants.

You can add participants to your active project one of three ways:

  1. Copy and share a link for participants to apply to the project.
  2. Upload a CSV of participants to invite to the project (see option #2).
  3. Invite your existing participants (see option #1).

The unique option here is the project link. This link is the equivalent to a "sign up" button. When the participant clicks on the link, they go straight to entering their information to sign up. They only see your project title.

This information will autofill if the participant is already in your panel.

We recommend you include your project details wherever you post/send/insert this link. All participants who apply via the project link will be added to your panel.

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