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How do I invite my participants to sign up for a Research Hub project?

A few different ways to invite your participants to a private project

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August 12, 2020

Research Hub allows you to invite your own participants to a projects. In other words, we don't recruit for you, but you'll have access to all of our scheduling tools. It includes a panel management tool as well as the ability to build a private project. Below are the different ways that you can invite your own participants to a private project.

Option #1: Invite your participants from population management tool

Your private population is a customer relationship management tool that allows you to upload, organize, filter, and export your participant data. You can access this tool by logging into your account, selecting "Participants" from the menu, and choosing "Hub Participants".

You'll be taken to your population management tool. As part of our Free Forever plan, you can manage up to 100 contacts at no additional cost. Build your audience by importing participant data and mapping it to the required columns. Keep in mind that this list will automatically update with participants who apply to a project (more on that later).

View of the Research Hub population management tool

Once you have imported at least one participant, you'll be able to select them and invite them to an active project or create a new one.

Option #2: Invite participants to a specific project (which will also grow your population!)

Launch a new project or select an existing projects from your account. If you start here, anyone who applies will be added to your panel. Go to "Invite Participants" in your project workspace which is listed under the Recruit section (see below).

From this section, you'll notice that you can:

  1. Share a link for participants to apply to the project outside of our platform
  2. Upload a CSV of participants and create an email invitation through our platform
  3. Invite your existing participants (which was option #1)

All participants will get the same experience as they are walked through the scheduling process for your study.

Bonus tip:

  • Want to send out reminders or re-invite someone? Save a filter in your population to select everyone who was invited. If a few days passed, re-select everyone and invite again. Update the subject line to start with "Reminder" for extra bonus points!

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