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How do I invite my participants to sign up for a Research Hub project?

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June 10, 2021

Research Hub allows you to invite your own panel of participants to your research projects. You can invite participants from the the project builder, the "Hub Participants" view, or from a launched project.

Want to re-invite a participant who didn't apply the first time? Check out our re-inviting participants support guide.

Option #1: Invite participants from the project builder

When building your project, select "Add my own" for the audience type. In the "Invitation email" section you'll see the option to upload a CSV. Participants will automatically be invited upon launch.

Option #2: Invite participants from the "Hub Participants" view

Your Hub population is a CRM that allows you to upload, organize, filter, and export your participant data. You can access this tool by logging into your account, selecting "Participants" from the menu, and choosing "Hub Participants". You'll be taken to your panel.

Click "Build", then "Import CSV" to add to your panel of participants. Once you have imported at least one participant, you'll be able to select them and invite them to an active project or create a new one.

Option #3: Invite participants from a project (which will also grow your panel!)

Launch a new project or select an existing projects from your account. If you start here, anyone who applies will be added to your panel. Go to "Invite participants" in your launched project

From this section, you can:

  1. Copy and share a link for participants to apply to the project.
  2. Upload a CSV of participants to invite to the project.
  3. Invite your existing participants (which was option #2).
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