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How do I refer someone to User Interviews?

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Brittany Rutherford
Last updated:
June 11, 2021

If you enjoy being a part of our participant community, telling a friend about User Interviews is a great way to earn money in between participating in studies. Your friend earns an incentive for completing a study, and you earn a referral bonus for spreading the word. Everyone’s wins!

Our referral program is currently for occupation based studies only, with a set payout of $30 per study if a participant you refer completes the study they were referred to. Referrals are classified as a person without a UI account signing up, applying to, and completing the study they were referred to.

How to refer a friend

1. Visit our referrals page to view all referral opportunities. You’ll also see your unique referral link for an occupation based study in the following places when logged in to your UI account:

  • Notification email: The email you receive inviting you to apply to a study.
  • Confirmation email: The email you receive after confirming a time slot for a study. 
  • Not interested page: Page you land on when you select you’re not interested in a study from the notification email. This is a great opportunity to share a study with someone who this study would be a better fit for. 
  • Apply page: The page you land on from the notification email or browse page before you start the screener survey. This page tells all the study details, incentive, study type, etc.
  • Confirmation page: The page after you confirm a time slot for a study. 

Your referral link will look like this on the above site pages

Please note if you are not seeing a referral link on these pages or emails, it is not an occupation study, or the occupation study is no longer accepting referral applicants. 

2. From there, you can send your unique referral link to anyone you think may be a good fit for the study. Consider the information on the apply page and the screener survey questions if you applied. Do any keywords or questions remind you of someone you know? If you’re unsure, remember that this study was sent to you based on your profile and occupation. If you know anyone else in your general occupation or industry, they may be a good referral!

  • Copy the link and share it wherever you want. We suggest texting the link, sharing it on social media, or messaging it to a colleague on Linkedin. 
  • Email the the link. We’ll prefill an email with your unique referral link. Feel free to personalize it, give more information about User Interviews, or share your experience participating in studies. That helps your referral better understand the opportunity!

3. Your referral will apply to the study from your link. 

4. If they are selected to participate and complete the session, you get $30! Simple as that.

Please note if we discover that you've referred multiple fraudulent or suspicious participants we reserve the right to not pay you the referral bonus and remove you from future referral program eligibility.


What is the referral bonus amount? 

All referral bonuses are $30. We may update this amount in the future!

Is there a maximum number of people I can refer to a study?

Nope! Refer as many as you want. 

Can I refer someone to a non-occupation study?

We’ll only show you the unique referral link for occupation studies, as consumer based studies are not part of our referral program at the moment. If that changes in the future, we’ll let you know. 

How does my referral link work? 

The referral link is tied to you specific participant ID and a specific study number. We track who referred who, and that the referral applied to the specific study the link was for. 

Who should I refer? 

Since all studies with referral opportunities are job related,  think about colleagues or those in fields similar to yours. Often, the study title, description, or screener may give some clues to a general type of worker they may be looking for. When in doubt, refer someone like yourself!

Can I refer someone to a study who already has a UI account?

Sure, although they will not count as a referral. A referral must be a new signup who completes the study they were referred to. Since they were not a new signup, their participation would not result in you receiving the $30 referral bonus. 

However, the more the merrier, so feel free to refer someone who already has a UI account because you think they might enjoy participating. We always welcome sharing studies with friends!

How will I know if my referral completed the study I referred them to? 

We know too many emails can be pesky, so we’ll only email you with the incentive once they’ve completed the study. That email will include a link to redeem your incentive.

Will you let me know if my referral signed up, applied, or didn’t get into the study?

Since you’re welcome to refer as many people as you want, we didn’t think it’d be wise to send updates for every referral at every step. We’ll only email you if someone you referred completes the study you referred them to. 

My referral told me they completed the study—why wasn’t I paid? 

Most likely, the person you referred didn’t complete the study you referred them to. The referral must complete the study you referred them for you to receive the referral bonus. If your referral recently completed the study you referred them to, please note that it may take up to 30 days to receive the bonus referral payout. 

If you've referred multiple fraudulent or suspicious participants, we reserve the right to not pay you the referral bonus and remove you from future referral program eligibility.

Lastly, sometimes folks confused completing the screener survey with participating in and completing a study. Please note that a referral must apply to the study by taking the screener survey, be chosen for the study, schedule themselves, and actually complete the study. 

I referred multiple people to a study. Will I get paid for each referral that participates, or is it one referral bonus per study? 

At the moment, you can be paid a 1 referral bonus per study, so max $30/study.

How quickly after my referral completes their session can I expect to be paid my referral bonus? 

Bonus payouts will be released within 30 days of a referral being marked complete for a session. Please wait a full 30 days before contacting our support team, as they cannot expedite payment. 

What form of payment is the referral bonus?

A digital Amazon gift card. At this time, we’re not able to offer alternative forms of payment. 

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