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How do I redeem my "choice of dozens of digital gift cards" incentive?

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Brittany Rutherford
Last updated:
June 11, 2021

Thank you for participating in a study! We hope you enjoyed your experience.

For studies where UI is distributing the incentive, you'll redeem your incentive on our website. We've detailed the differences between UI distributed incentives and researcher distributed incentives HERE. To sum it up, if the study is paying an incentive that says "choice of dozens of digital gift cards", UI is distributing the incentive. Follow the steps below to redeem those incentives.

How to redeem a "choice of dozens of digital gift cards" incentive

1. Click the "Redeem incentive" button in your email from or log into your account, navigate to "My Studies", and locate the study you recently completed and click "Redeem incentive".

2. Select your country's currency. Under "Redemption options", choose between a digital Amazon gift card and Reward link gift card. Learn more about currency and incentive options.

3. Click "Redeem incentive" to confirm your selections.

4. For Amazon, the gift card code will be shown on your screen, and the code will be emailed to you via For Reward Link gift cards, a redemption link will be shown on your screen, and the link will be emailed to you via

5. Enjoy!

Gift card codes are issued safely and privately, meaning only you can see them in your email or in this dashboard. We will not be able to reissue any codes, especially if they have been shared or already applied. In other words—keep it safe and to yourself!

If the incentive is being distributed by the researcher, you should receive your incentive within 10 business days of your completed session in the incentive type listed for the study.

How to apply a digital Amazon gift card to your Amazon account

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. Navigate to the "Redeem a gift card" area of your account.
  3. Enter the Claim Code and apply your balance.
  4. Gift card funds will be applied by default to eligible orders during the checkout process.
  5. You must pay for any remaining balance on your order with another payment method.

You may also enter your gift card claim during checkout. To redeem your gift card using the 1-Click® service, first add the gift card funds to Your Account.

How to apply your digital Reward Link gift card balance to dozens of other gift card options

  1. Click your redeptemption URL.
  2. On the reward catalog page, select the gift card the you want to apply your balance to.
  3. Add that gift card to your cart.
  4. Check out! You'll be emailed your selected gift card code.


Can I get paid out in cash or PayPal instead of Amazon or Reward Link?

We currently do not offer a cash-like incentive if UI is distributing the incentives, but are interested in having that option in the future.

Can I change the reward option or currency after I have redeemed my incentive?

No. Please be sure to select the correct reward and currency before redeeming your incentive. User interviews cannot reissue incentives if mistakes were made in the redemption process.

My Amazon gift card code is showing as already having been used. Why? 

It's possible your email or computer is not secure, and someone else was able to access your gift card. We issue the gift card codes privately and securely, and are not liable should the gift card be used by another party after we give you the code. We cannot reissue codes, and highly recommend that you immediately add the code to your account using a secure computer.

If you have questions regarding a User Interviews distributed incentive, please complete this form to reach our support team.

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