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Can I be invoiced instead of paying with a credit card?

Rather be invoiced? You got it.

Companies with a subscription payment plan are welcome to request invoicing as an option for their projects. If you're a subscription plan holder, you can email us to request an invoice. Pay As You Go projects must be paid by credit card.

Once invoicing is turned on, you'll notice a new payment method for your projects during the launch phase:

Payment method: Invoice or Credit Card

When are projects closed?

All projects with attendance recorded will be automatically closed one week after the final session. If attendance is not recorded, we allow an additional three business days for you to update your list. After ten business days from any session, it will be marked "Completed" and paid (if applicable) if attendance has not been recorded. All accompanying fees will apply.

When are invoice payments due?

We ask that invoices are paid within 30 days of when they have been created and issued. Once a project has been billed, invoices and receipts can be downloaded from the project's manage page (here's how).

Can I add cc's or have invoices sent to someone else?

Yes you can! By default, project owners will be automatically sent invoices. We can add cc's on an account, but cannot change the recipients for each project. If you want someone to get invoices, we can add them and they will get all future invoices until we remove them (if needed). To update contacts or cc's, email

Can I add a PO # to my invoice?

Our invoices are automatically generated and our customization is limited. If you need us to reference a PO number on your invoice, you must include the PO # in your project's internal title before the final session date.

Can I add custom notes to my invoice?

Our invoices are automatically generated and customization is limited. If you need us to reference a custom note, you must send your request to before your final session takes place.

We are unable to edit invoices once they have been created and sent.

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