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What is your privacy policy for contact lists?

Our terms of service regarding privacy for Research Hub.

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September 30, 2019

Our privacy policy pertaining to use of Research Hub is listed in our terms of service. Below is an important section about contact list privacy regarding contact lists in populations and/or Research Hub.

Section 5 D ii
If Customer uploads a Contact List using the Services, User Interviews will not (i) directly contact Testers contained in such Contact List with opportunities on non-Customer Projects unless those Testers have opted in to User Interviews’ general Tester population; (ii) send dedicated messages to the Testers contained in such Contact Lists intended to entice such Testers to opt in to User Interviews’ general Tester population, or (iii) disclose or sell access to any information provided in such Contact List to any other customer of User Interviews. However, Testers contained in such Contact List shall not be prevented from opting in to the general population of Testers through the Platform or from accepting Projects from other User Interviews clients.

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