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How can I see who I invited to a project recruiting my own audience?

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October 14, 2021

You can view the list of invited participants from the "Invite Participants" tab of the project workspace. Search the list by email, filter by application status, or download a CSV of your invitees.

Here is an example of what it will look like. Keep in mind that the list will only populate once people have been invited to your project.

You can also see key metrics for your project invitation email on the same page: deliveris, opens, clicks, and bounces (failed deliveries).

How do I invite participants?

You can filter, select, and invite participants from your population to any active project. You can also do the following from the "Invite Participants" section of a launched Hub project:

  • Access your population to invite participants.
  • Upload a list of participants to your project.
  • Send out your unique application link.

How can I re-invite someone to a project?

Simply click the "Re-send invitations" button! Read more about this feature here.

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