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How can I use the Typeform integration to run engaging surveys while recruiting with User Interviews?

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Courtney Webster
Last updated:
September 14, 2022

Connect your Typeform account to User Interviews to enable a simple end-to-end study workflow to:

  • Recruit and manage participants with User Interviews
  • Link out to your survey on Typeform
  • Let our integration handle activity tracking across the two tools!

We’ll surface all of the valuable information like survey status and links to completed surveys, so you can easily track progress, mark participants complete, pay out incentives, and get to insights faster.

What is Typeform?

Typeform is an online survey tool that lets you create conversational, one question at a time style surveys. They offer professional templates and a simple interface designed to engage your audience making it a great fit for teams looking for visually beautiful, easy-to-build forms, surveys, and quizzes.

How to use the Typeform integration

1. Connect accounts: To get started, connect your User Interviews and Typeform accounts from the integrations page. To find the integrations page, click on your username at the top right of the screen when logged in, and select “Integrations” from the dropdown menu.

Accounts are connected at the individual user level, not at the team or organizational level.

Visit the integrations page in the app to get started

2. Launch a project: Once you’ve connected accounts, create a new unmoderated project in User Interviews. On the “Task Details” page of the project builder, locate the “Link to task” field. First, select Typeform from the dropdown list of tools. Then, select the specific Typeform survey you’d like to use for this project from the dropdown list. Note that this field is searchable, so just start typing the name of the survey you want. And that’s it! Your survey has been successfully linked.

Select Typeform and specify which task to link in the project builder

3. Set and forget: That’s all the set up you need to do! As participants complete your survey, the following information will be automatically tracked and displayed within the User Interviews dashboard. You can find it on the “Confirmed sessions” page.

  • Link to all completed Typeform survey responses
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Status (not started / incomplete / complete)

This will make it much easier to identify which participants have completed the survey, and allow you to quickly review responses, mark completion, issue incentives, and wrap up your project. 

Survey responses and metadata will automatically be pulled into your User Interviews project

4. Gather insights: To view responses in Typeform, click “Form” on your Participant Session page. This brings you to all the completed Typeform responses, where you can view, filter, sort, and download relevant data for analysis.  

Once you’ve collected your survey data, it’s easy to prepare for analysis. We’ve added a unique identifier for each participant on a project so it’s easy to combine your User Interviews participant data and Typeform data into one single dataset for analysis. 

This unique identifier is a randomly generated set of numbers and letters that will show as an additional data column for both User Interview's participant export and Typeform data exports. These identifiers are key, allowing researchers to connect participant data across tools for analysis—and keep any PII data hidden, if necessary.


Who can use this integration?

To use this integration, you need to have a User Interviews Researcher account as well as a Typeform account on any plan, including their free plan.

All User Interviews researchers can turn on this integration (including free and pay-as-you-go users), and it will work for any kind of recruitment method (recruiting from our public panel with Recruit, or sourcing from your own user panel with Research Hub).

All Typeform plans—Free, Basic, Plus, Business, and Custom—are compatible with this integration.

What Typeform data will be displayed in User Interviews?

You will be able to see the following information about participants who have taken your survey:

  • Link to all completed Typeform survey responses
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Status (not started / incomplete / complete)

This information will be displayed on the “Confirmed sessions” page, as well as in the “Participants” section, by clicking on an individual’s name to view their session details.

Will User Interviews automatically mark participation when a participant completes a survey?

No - Researchers will need to manually mark participation. However, now pulling from your connected Typeform data, UI will surface participant progress so that it’s easier to track and mark completion.

Can I change a survey link after my User Interviews project has launched?

Yes, you can edit your task link after launching your project. Simply navigate to the “Project overview” page, scroll down to the “Task details” section, and click the edit button. You will be able to select a different Typeform survey from the dropdown list, or, you can change tools completely if you wish to send participants to a different survey tool.

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