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Learn about User Interviews’s free trials and free plans

Limited free trials of Hub are available through Sales. Our legacy free Hub plan is discontinued as of May 2024.
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🗣️ Researchers
Research Hub plans

It’s always free to sign up to User Interviews.

If you’re sourcing participants from our Recruit panel, you won’t pay anything until you have completed a research session. We have pay-as-you-go and subscription plans available. Learn more about Recruit pricing.

If you’re using Hub to manage research with your own users, free trials are available through Sales. Our free trial is intended for you to evaluate if Hub is the right solution for your team, and if our Workflow plan or CRM plan is the best fit.

Learn more about Hub pricing and contact Sales to get started with a trial.

Discontinued Hub Free Plan

We used to offer a legacy free Hub plan which is discontinued as of May 2024. If you have been using Hub for free, check out our FAQs below for what you need to know.

All teams who are actively using the Hub free plan will get an email notification about plan availability ending, and the next steps to take if they want to continue using Hub. As an existing user, you have discounted options available for our new Hub plans. Note that we now offer a lightweight version called Hub Workflow, designed to better meet the needs of Hub free users.


What is happening to the Hub free plan?

We are discontinuing our Hub free plan in May 2024 as part of an overall revision of our pricing plans. We are introducing a new Hub Workflow plan to better meet the needs of teams that need to conduct fast and professional research with their own users, without investing in building a panel.

When is the Hub free plan ending?

The Hub Free plan will be discontinued on May 15th. If you don’t upgrade to a paid plan by this date, you will still be able to login and view past project data, but you will no longer be able to launch new Hub projects.

Can I continue using Hub?

You can continue using Hub by switching to one of our paid plans. When you switch, you will retain access to all of your past projects. Ongoing access to participant data and specific product features will depend on the plan you select.

What will happen to my Hub data if I don’t upgrade?

If you don’t upgrade to a paid plan, you will still be able to login and view past project data. Participant data will be available to view for a limited time, and can be restored if you decide to upgrade in future. If you don’t wish for us to retain data, you will need to delete your account in accordance with our privacy policy.

Where can I learn more about Hub plans and pricing?

You can learn more about Hub plans by visiting the pricing page or booking time to talk to Sales.

Are there discounts available for existing users?

Of course! As a valued user, we’d love to help you transition to one of our full-featured plans at a discounted rate. Talk to Sales about plan discounts available to your team.

What’s the difference between the Hub Workflow plan and the Hub CRM plan?

All Research Hub plans help teams to run research with their own users.

The Workflow plan gives you access to automations that make it fast and easy to invite users to studies, screen and schedule sessions, communicate and track participation, and pay out incentives. You also get access to customizations such as branding and templates, custom domains and sender profiles, and a data consent notice.

With the CRM plan, you get all of the automations and customizations included in the Workflow plan, plus a CRM to build and manage your own panel. You can add users to your panel through CSV upload, data integrations, and opt-in forms, then create segments and set up guardrails for easy recruitment.

Learn more about Hub pricing and contact Sales to get started with a trial.
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