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Get product validation within a day with User Interviews

While there's usually some planning ahead of a study, we know sometimes you just need feedback ASAP. For many studies, User Interviews can recruit and schedule participants within a day so you can get the product validation you need, fast!

In this video, Brittany will give you some of our top tips and highlight time saving automations that will help you recruit participants for your next study as quickly as possible.

For a quick recruit, we recommend you:

  • Add an intriguing study title and description. Participants are more likely to apply to a study with an eye catching title and detailed descriptions, so make these count!
  • Sync your Zoom account and choose to have Zoom links automatically generated for all scheduled sessions. Manually creating and sending unique links is time consuming, so let our integration do the work for you.
  • Incentivize appropriately, and let UI distribute incentives. If you're in a rush, make sure your incentive meets market standards. Studies that pay less than average often have less applicants, so set a strong incentive from the start. When you select to have UI distribute incentives for your team, you save manual steps post study! After all, you want to analyze your research findings, not bother with logistics.
  • Only select crucial geographic, technical, and demographic targeting criteria. If criteria isn't absolutely necessary for your study, consider skipping it. The more narrow your targeting criteria, the less study notifications we're able to send. For best results, start more broad with targeting criteria.
  • Keep your screener short. You're more likely to get more applications if you keep your screener short. Participants may abandon long screeners, so try cutting any nice-to-have type questions.
  • Select automatic approval. Any participants who are a 100% match to your targeting criteria and screener will be automatically sent a scheduling email allowing them to book their session. If you don't have quotas, balance requirements, or long or short answer questions, this is a great way to expedite getting participants scheduled.
  • Utilize our calendar integration. Syncing your calendar allows you to view your availability within your project so you can easily identify times that work for you without needing to flip back and forth between your calendar and project schedule.
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