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How do I launch a new project?

written by
Melanie Albert
Last updated:
February 21, 2019

Launching a project with us is simple. While our system is designed to walk you through the setup steps seamlessly, below if an overview of what you can expect.

Setting Up A Project

1. Go to to get started.

2. On our homepage, click "Start Recruiting", located in the top righthand corner of our top navigation.

3. Select the audience you wish to recruit. We can target consumers or professionals with specific job titles.

4. Select the type of study you wish to conduct.

→ Please Note: You can only select one study type per project. We are unable to support different phases per project. Each project will only schedule a participant one time.

5. Next, you'll be asked to tell us about the details of your project, including:

  • Project details, including name, location, incentive, instructions, and number of participants.
  • Participant demographics, meaning the profile of participants you'd like to target.
  • Screener survey, which is used to filter out the right participants through a series of distinct questions.
  • Calendar, which includes the number of people you can accept into a given session.

5. Review your project details and check for potential issues, revisions, and spelling errors. Once launched, will not be able to edit your project details, demographics, or screener.

6. Open the screener survey test feature to make sure your questions are in the appropriate order.

→ Please Note: The test screener will not review or include any skip logic. This can be tested post-launch.

7. Want to save a draft and come back to it later? Save your project template. It will be saved on your account page for later access.

8. If you're ready to launch, select your payment method and click "Launch". Our team will be alerted of a new project almost immediately.

What's Next?

Each account is appointed a dedicated Project Coordinator from our team. They will be your main point of contact. You'll hear from them on any of the following occasions:

  • If you're a new researcher, you can expect an introductory email
  • If there are potential issues or concerns for your upcoming project, your dedicated specialist will reach out to discuss options.
  • If there are important updates regarding your recruit, your dedicated specialist will be in touch via email.

At this time, we rely on email support and do not have an inbound phone support number. However, we respond to all emails within a 24 hour period (if not sooner).

If there are no issues or concerns, you can expect a full recruit within 3-5 days of your project launch!

Questions? Email to reach us.

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