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I was removed from a study, but did not request this. What happened?

Why you were removed from a study and what to do about it.

Researchers reserve the right to remove participants from their study. Here are a few reasons why your upcoming session may have been canceled:

  1. You were accidentally removed from a study. In this case, you can use the link provided in your cancelation email to sign back up if spots are available.
  2. The study criteria has changed and you are no longer a fit.
  3. There was an issue or concern with the responses you provided.
  4. You were unresponsive to a researcher's messages or requests for more information. To avoid this, be sure to check your messaging portal when you receive an email or text alert about a new message.

Researchers reserve the right to cancel a participant. If this is the case, they can issue a cancelation incentive of 25%. This is up to their discretion. If they decide to issue one to you, it will be sent when the study has closed. This can be between 1-3 weeks of your session. If you were removed for failing to meet eligibility criteria or unresponsiveness, you will not receive the cancelation incentive.

If you're still unsure of why you were removed or have questions about next steps, please reach out to us here and a member of our team can assist you!

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