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How soon after launching a project can I book my first session?

We can find and schedule participants same-day if they are available!

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November 15, 2019

You can schedule sessions to be filled for the same day you launch a project. Overall, our median time to qualify your first participant is about 3 hours (and dropping!), which means many sessions can be filled within a day.

Keep in mind that the recruitment process (finding, approving, and scheduling candidates) is not instantaneous. Also, very narrow audiences might take more time to fill (say, if you want to hear from 10 dentists in Akron). We recommend providing a few days for us to get the process going for you. However, if candidates are available, we can begin scheduling if they are available.

Scheduling buffers

If you are scheduling same day sessions, keep in mind that there is a default scheduling buffer on all projects. The scheduling buffer is the minimum lead time you would like between a session and when a participant can book themselves for that session. The default buffer for all new researcher accounts set to four hours.

Learn more about scheduling buffers and how to update yours here.

Scheduling same-day sessions

Whether your project is a draft or has already been launched, you can add same-day sessions. Today's date will be grayed out in our calendar. Simply place a future session on your calendar to add that option in.

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