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How soon after launching a project can I book my first session?

With User Interviews, in many cases you can get feedback the same day you launch your project! The median time to your first qualified participant is about 3 hours (and dropping!), which means many sessions can be filled within a day.

Keep in mind that projects with more niche persona requirements, high level earners or very specific job titles, difficult screeners, and larger studies may take more time to fill (say, if you want to hear from 10 dentists in Akron). We recommend providing a few days for may take more time to fill. However, if candidates are available, we can begin scheduling if they are available.

Is there a scheduling buffer?

If you are scheduling same day sessions, keep in mind that there is a default scheduling buffer on all projects. The scheduling buffer is the minimum lead time you would like between a session and when a participant can book themselves for that session. The default buffer for all new researcher accounts set to 4 hours.

Learn more about scheduling buffers and how to update yours here.

How do I schedule same day sessions?

To book participants today, simply add sessions in the "Schedule" section when building your project, or from "Manage availability" section of an active project.

Keep in mind that while you may approve participants before the buffer, participants will not be able to schedule a session from their scheduling link once the buffer hits. Participants may also not see a scheduling invite immediately, or have same day availability themselves.

We recommend adding all study instructions in the "Instructions for confirmed participants" section before approving participants so newly confirmed participants can prepare or complete their task before the deadline, and that you're available via the Messages tool should the participant have questions or need help before the session or deadline.

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