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How can I target participants by their skills and seniority for my B2B study?

written by
Zoe Nagara
Last updated:
April 8, 2022

If you recruit for B2B studies, you have additional targeting options to source the closest professional matches from our participant community — skills and seniority.

Skills and seniority can be layered with existing professional characteristics (like job titles, employment status, company size, industry, and type of income) for powerful B2B targeting.

Targeting by skills

You can specify any number of relevant skills from a structured list, and our system will prioritize participants who have those skills on their profile. Use cases include finding participants who use specific software (e.g. Salesforce or Google Analytics) or have a certain responsibility at work (e.g. data analysis or project management). 

Add skills that are relevant to the professionals you’re trying to recruit

Note that our system does not treat skills as a “hard filter”, which means that you won’t risk excluding potential strong applicants if they haven’t populated their skills, or your skill request is niche and we can’t find an exact match. We’ll simply prioritize participants for your review where we find a skills match.

Targeting by seniority

You can also specify the seniority of participants they’d like to connect with. Use cases include targeting professionals whose job level is director or higher, or filtering out unpaid or entry-level employees.

Specify the seniority levels relevant to your study, otherwise select “include all”

How to apply skills and seniority targeting to your project

Skills and seniority are easy to request as part of the project build flow. Simply make your selections as you are setting up the rest of your study’s professional characteristics.

Request skills and seniority on the characteristics page of the project builder

Requesting skills for your study is intuitive, mirroring the kinds of competencies and software you might see listed on a LinkedIn profile. Our skills library is populated by a third party provider, so the list stays up to date with trends in the world of work.

Note that you will not be able to edit skills after launching your project. If needed, your project coordinator will be able to edit skills on your behalf post-launch. Click “Help” in the app to connect with a project coordinator for support.

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