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How do I add my team's logo to all pages our participants visit?

Adding your logo ensures participants feel as though they are interacting with your company each step of the way.

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March 3, 2020

Researchers can now brand projects built in our Bring Your Own solution, helping to make research invites more recognizable to your own users. 

You can upload your team’s logo and have it automatically applied to all pages your users see when on User Interviews. Keep in mind that the logo is set at a team level so if you change it then it will change for everyone else in your team as well.

Basic setup for teams

First, navigate to “branding” page from the My Team drop down. Note: this option is only available to teams with an Unlimited subscription.

Here you’ll be presented with the option to upload a logo. We support JPG, PNG, and SVG image formats. The maximum file size allowed is 5mb.

Some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Use a file with a transparent background
  • Crop any extra space or padding from around the logo
  • The recommended dimensions are 240px by 240px for square logos and 240px by 400px for rectangular logos. Larger images will be automatically resized.

After your file is uploaded, you will be able to see a preview of how it looks. Not quite right? Replace the image with another file before saving or remove it all together.

If everything looks great, click “save logo” and you’re done! Once it has been saved, every private project for your team will now include this logo on all of the participant facing pages – including ones that have already been launched before this was configured.

Pro-tip: This can also be configured and set up from within one of your private projects. You’ll notice a new “Branding” option in the Settings section of your project workspace. Remember: all changes to branding will affect your entire team, even if they are made within a specific project.

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