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How do I add my team's logo to all pages our participants visit?

written by
Brittany Rutherford
Last updated:
June 10, 2021

Paid Hub subscribers can add their logo to emails, opt-in forms, and pages your panel sees. Adding a logo can help keep your branding consistent throughout the participant's experience.

Keep in mind that the logo is set at a team level so updating the logo will change it for everyone else in your team as well for launched and future projects.

How do I add or update a logo?

1. Navigate to the "My Team" section of your account. Select "Branding".

2. If your team doesn't currently have an uploaded logo, click "Upload your logo" and add your logo. If your team does have a logo, click "Replace logo, and add your new logo.

3. Everything look good? Click "Save logo". Your logo will now appear on all previously launched projects and future projects.

What are the supported logo sizes and formats?

Logo size

The recommended dimensions are 240px by 240px for square logos and 240px by 400px for rectangular logos. Larger images will be automatically resized. The maximum file size allowed is 5mb.

Logo formats

We support JPG, PNG, and SVG image formats. We recommend using a file with a transparent background, and cropping out any extra extra space or padding from around the logo.

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