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How do I book floaters or backup participants?

Backups and floaters ensure that you reach your completed session goal.

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September 30, 2019

Backup and floater participants are an ideal way to ensure that you reach your completed session count goal. Since floaters and backups will be paid for their time (even if they do not participate in an interview), you will be charged their recruitment fee and they must be marked as "Completed". There are two ways to set this up which are outlined below.

If you want to book extra sessions that are the same time and incentive, you can do this in your original project. Extra bookings are great if someone cancels or does not show to their session. Simply book more people than you need—we recommend 10% more to account for our no-show rate. If you no longer need these participants, you can simply "pay and send" them. This means you will pay them, but close the session early if you do not wish to conduct the interview.

If you want to book floaters for longer time periods and/or at different incentives, you must create a separate project. What are floaters? Floaters are participants who are booked for longer periods of time, usually spanning two sessions. If the first person doesn't show up, the floater will participate. If the first person shows up, the floater will only participate if the second person does not show up. If the second person does show up, the floater gets paid and can leave at the start of the second session. Floaters are typically paid about 1.5x more for waiting longer periods.

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