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Can I create a waitlist with backup participants?

Backup participants help to ensure that you reach your target number of participants.

When recruiting with our panel, you can create your own waitlist of back up participants to pull from in case someone cancels or does not show. Backup participants are an ideal way to ensure that you reach your completed session goal.

We recommend approving 10% more to account for our no-show rate.

If you are recruiting with your own users via Research Hub, there is no waitlist. Rather, simply re-send invitations and bulk message participants as needed to fill your study.

Create a Waitlist

To create your waitlist, simply "Approve & Invite" more participants than you have requested. No more than your number of requested participants will be able to sign up. When the study is full, we automatically add new applicants to the waitlist for you.

In other words, the requested participant number will be the maximum number of confirmed participants. Note, you are billed based upon confirmed & completed participants. See our cancellation and rescheduling policy for more information.

You can increase your requested participant number at any time on the Participant number & incentives tab of the Research design section.

For unmoderated studies, we highly recommend having a waitlist!

The no show rate is higher for unmoderated studies. We recommend planning for this by setting the deadline a day or two earlier than needed. This way, you can extend your study and utilize your waitlist to fill the study in time.

The Participants' Experience of the Waitlist

Participants are told ahead of time to book quickly! When you invite them, they receive the following email:

If a participant clicks, "pick a time slot" and the study is already full, then they will receive the following message.

Participant's Experience of Waitlist

When a time slot opens up due to rescheduling, cancellations, or no shows, the participant is automatically notified. They can then select from the remaining open time slots.

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