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What incentive pricing do you recommend?

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May 22, 2020

An incentive is a monetary sum offered to participants as a "thank you" for contributing their time to your study. Incentives can directly impact your recruit and participant engagement.

Offering a reasonable incentive will help with the following:

  • Increase in the responses to your screener survey.
  • Lower no-show rates during your study.
  • Encourage high quality participation during your study.

We've seen incentives have a positive—and negative—impact on projects. As a result, we may decline projects that have an incentive lower than our recommendation. We do not allow non-monetary incentives on public projects.

Incentive Recommendations

You'll notice that our incentive recommendations increase as you reach different audiences. They are designed to complement different professional tiers, ensuring that payment is worthwhile, or incentivizing enough, for candidates.

If you are running a multi-day study or have multiple phases, calculate the total time commitment to help gauge the best recommendation.

Use this table to set your incentive

High Earners include professionals such as  doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.
Note: Highly specialized professions (e.g. Oncologists, Surgeons, etc.) may require even higher incentives than those listed above.
Mid-Level Earners include managers, developers, small business owners, etc.
Low Wage Earners
include retail workers, gig economy workers, etc.

‍Shorter session? No problem.

For more information, including our Incentive Calculator, check out our blog post!

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