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New here? Best practices to keep in mind!

Welcome—we're excited to begin recruiting with you!

To make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • You'll never go at it alone! You dedicated project coordinator is here to help. Each new researcher is assigned to a project coordinator on our team who will manage your recruit, answer your questions, and point you in the right direction. Keep an eye out for our introduction email.
  • Make sure your requested participant number is correct for best recruiting. This number is our shared goal. It represents how many total people you want booked for your study. Our goal is to meet this number unless we hear otherwise. So, if you end up needing more or less participants than originally requested, you can edit this number. Here’s how.
  • Things change! Edit your live project as needed. Did your criteria change after your project launched? Did you spot a grammar error that needs fixing? No problem! You now have the power to edit your screener! You can also add collaborators, update your confirmation email, update demographic and professional characteristics, and more post-launch.
  • Expect applicants within a few hours, start filling your study same day. Our median time to your first qualified participant is only 3 hours! That means you'll likely start seeing applicants role in in the first day after launching your project. As soon as you see participants, feel free to start approving them to get your schedule filled fast! 
  • Approve extra participants to quickly fill your study. If you're interested in a participant joining your study, approve and invite them. Participants will be sent an email invite to confirm a time for your study. When a participant confirms, you'll receive an email. Keep in mind that all approvals may not book a time, so we recommend approving more participants than needed to expedite filling your study.
  • Utilize our integrations to save time and manual effort. Sync your calendar to help you easily manage availability and keep track of sessions. Sync your Zoom account to make generating and sending unique Zoom links to confirmed participants easy. Finally, check out our Document Signing feature which takes away the hassle of collecting NDA or release form signatures from confirmed participants.

Need to reach your project coordinator? Simply email

Happy researching!

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