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How can I use a prepaid balance to pay for my studies?

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February 8, 2022

A prepaid balance is a sum you pay in advance and can use towards your projects. Prepaid balances are setup on a company level, and you will decide who have access to it. Any colleague who has access to the prepaid balance will be able to use it at no limitation.

What are the benefits of a prepaid balance

  • Easily allocate budget towards user research
  • ‍Streamline the billing process for your entire team
  • Manage users and access to balance
  • No invoice or billing fuss needed
  • No credit card is required to be held on an account
  • Accessible ledger dashboard that you can review at any time to see your credits and deductions

How do I view my prepaid balance or update who has access to our balance?

To visit your Prepaid Balance dashboard, click the "Prepaid Balance" option in your drop-down menu listed on the top of your account page. You'll be able to see all credits, debits, pending charges, and who has permission to use the balance.

Anyone who has access to the balance will be able to make the following changes to your balance permissions. 

  • To remove someone, simply click the "x" next to their name. Non-admins will not see this option.
  • To add someone, click the "Add User" button. Enter their email address to send them an invitation. The invited party must accept this via email before they can gain access. 
  • Once accepted, they will have access to the balance from their account page.


Can multiple people at the same company launch separate prepaid accounts?
Yes, a company can have multiple prepaid balances. This can be useful for teams who share a budget. However, a team member can only have access to one prepaid balance.

How do I create a prepaid balance?
Please email Customer Success with the amount you would like to prepay and the name of the person who will serve as an admin over this balance (i.e., the individual who will determine which members of the team can use the balance).

What is the minimum amount required?
Teams can create a prepaid balance in the amount of $2,500 USD or higher.

How can we add credits to our prepaid balance?
We accept checks and wire transfers for balance increases. Email us so that we can provide you with instructions.

Does the balance expire?
No, prepaid balances do not expire and are not tied to subscription renewal dates.

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