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How does skip logic work?

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August 18, 2020

Skip logic allows researchers to create a customized screener experience for participants. It's a great tool to use if you want to change what questions a candidate sees, dependent on their responses to a previous question. Skip Logic is included in all projects.

How do I add skip logic to a screener survey?

While building your screener, click "Add skip logic" at the bottom of any page.

A module will pop up. Click "Add new logic statement" to start adding skip logic conditions.

What settings can I use to customize my skip logic?

You can set up skip logic to be as simple or complex as you need it to be; if you're not sure where to start, here are some best practices for getting the most out of the skip logic feature.

You can trigger logic statements based on Pick Any and Pick One questions. You'll see different settings depending on which question type you choose.

Pick Any questions

  1. If [Select question]
  2. [Select an answer choice]
  3. [is / is not chosen]

Pick One questions

  1. If [Select question]
  2. [is / is not]
  3. [Select an answer choice]

For both question types, the logic statement ends with "Skip to."

  • Select a page to send applicants who meet your skip logic conditions to that page, skipping over any pages in between.
  • Select "Finish" to send applicants who meet your skip logic conditions to the end of your survey. If these participants still qualify based on your criteria, you'll notice that you will only see their responses to questions they are sent to the end.

"AND" statements within logic statements

An "and" statement is one in which multiple statements must all be true in order to trigger the skip logic statement. For instance, let's say you're researching an idea for a combined Gingerbread-and-chocolate-chip cookie. If an applicant says they like both chocolate chip and gingerbread, you might want to skip them straight to the end of your screener. In that case, you could use the "+" button to add an AND statement like this:

"OR" statements

When combining two pieces of logic, "OR" signifies that only one condition must be met for the skip to occur. Sticking with the previous example, you could send applicants who like gingerbread or chocolate chip cookies (or both) to a particular page of your screener, using the same "+" button and switching from "AND" to "OR" in the dropdown.

Combining multiple statements

You can trigger multiple logic statements from the same page, like this:

As you can see, using multiple conditions in tandem can get complicated quickly, which is why we recommend using more pages and fewer skip logic statements if possible.

When you're ready to save your logic, click "Done." 

Viewing and revising skip logic

As you build your screener, you can easily see which questions and pages are involved in your skip logic. "Skip logic applied" will appear in the bottom right corner of any questions with active skip logic. At the page level, "Add skip logic" will be replaced with "Edit skip logic" in the bottom right corner of any pages with active skip logic.

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