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What types of studies are available?

The different study formats and topics that are available for participants—and where to find them.

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July 20, 2020

Researchers are given the option to select different formats for their study based on their goals. This gives us the ability to offer our participants a variety of project types. Live in a small city? Look for remote projects. Work in a large metropolitan area? Check out our in-person interviews.

You can categorize our active studies in two ways: study type and interview format.

Study Types:

Depending on the researcher's goals, there are a few different ways a study can be conducted.

Interview types include:

  • Focus groups: These studies include a group discussion including at least 2 people. They are typically held in-person, but can be held online.
  • 1-on-1 interviews: These studies are held between a researcher and one participant at a time. They can be held online, in-person, or over the phone.
  • Multi-day studies: These studies span the course of multiple days with varying time commitments, which should be laid out in the description.
  • Unmoderated tasks: These studies require completion of a task that can be completed at anytime before the deadline.

Interview Format

The researcher will design a study to fit their needs, capabilities, and how they want to collect data from interviews. Therefore, there are a few options as to how the interview itself will be formatted.

Interview types include:

  • Online: These studies are held online. They could include completing one-off tasks or online prompts that may or may not be recorded. Pease note if a webcam, particular device type, or software experience is required.
  • Over the phone: These studies are held over the phone. You will be contacted by the researcher or asked to call into a conference line.
  • In person: These studies are held in-person at a location determined by the researcher.
  • In home: These studies are held in the participant's home, place of work, or a mutually agreed upon location.

When you're ready to apply to projects, feel free to use the filters on our active projects page to narrow down your search. Then, you can apply to studies that you'll most likely to want to participate in.

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