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How do I export participant data from a project?

Download data of participants we've sourced for you for easier review and management.

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October 19, 2020

You will be able to download participant data from any UI-sourced project, meaning one where our team found candidates for you to review. Our filtering tools are limited—for now!—and Excel can make it easier to see who's in your list.

Who can download participant data?

Project owners and collaborators with edit access can currently download participant data.

Downloading a project's participant data

  • Once you're in your project workspace, go to the Participants tab
  • Click the "Actions" button
  • In the drop-down, select "Export data"
  • Select the filters that you'd like to download. You can download all data or filter by status and/or rating
  • To keep our data private, you'll be sent an email within 5-15 minutes. Within this email, there will be a button to download the data to your computer. You can then open it using Excel or a similar tool.


I exported the data, but didn't get an email. Help!
Check your spam folders. Still not seeing it? You may have unsubscribed from our email notifications. Email us so we can check for you.

Are you a collaborator with view access? If so, you unfortunately won't be able to export this data. If you need it, ask the project owner!

Will this data open in tools other than Excel?
Any tool that can open a CSV file should be fine!

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